Green Unit

Green Unit buildings – known as the ARC – are manufactured offsite in Oxfordshire and delivered to the client site virtually complete in road transportable sections.

The offsite building process has a number of benefits including less wastage, more predictable costs and timeframes, and better quality of workmanship. Green Unit’s ARC building is very sustainable and has a high operational performance, thanks to its low embodied carbon and high levels of insulation. Mimicking forms found in nature, the ARC has a unique, curved design which creates a calming, pleasant and inspirational space for those who use it.

The ARC building can be added to and can even be moved – together with its foundations – as requirements change in the future. Yet it is just as robust as a traditionally constructed building.

Green Unit is experienced in working with the NHS, the education sector, and business and private clients to provide buildings including wellbeing units, classrooms, offices, retail and visitor centres, and accommodation.

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Team Members

Jonathan Finnerty

Director & Co-Owner

Luci Appelbe

Marketing Manager