Green Unit

Green Unit design and manufacture premium quality, modular, eco-buildings for commercial, community and residential use.

Green Unit buildings – known as the ARC – are manufactured offsite in Oxfordshire and delivered to the client site virtually complete in road transportable sections. The offsite building process has a number of benefits for both clients and the environment alike, including less wastage, more predictable costs and timeframes, and better quality of workmanship. The ARC is very sustainable and has a high operational performance, thanks to its low embodied carbon and high levels of insulation.

Mimicking forms found in nature, the ARC has a unique, curved design which creates a calming, pleasant and inspirational space for those who use it.

The ARC building can be added to and can even be moved – together with its foundations – as requirements change in the future. Yet it is just as robust as a traditionally constructed building.

Following the delivery of a three bedroom ARC to a self-catering holiday business in Kent, you can explore the interiors of an ARC with this interactive tool.

To date Green Unit has worked on a range of ARCs including NHS therapeutic spaces, residential and accommodation buildings, school classrooms, offices, and retail and visitor centres.

For more information visit or download a brochure and price guide.

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Director & Co-Owner

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