R&D Tax Claims Limited


R&D Tax Claims Ltd are specialists in Research & Development (R&D) Tax Relief for innovative manufacturing and engineering UK SMEs. Our team of experienced engineers and tax specialists have claimed back over £45 million in Corporation Tax since 2009.

If you’re an engineering / manufacturing company engaged in genuine R&D activities, you could be eligible for a significant tax refund from HMRC – even if the research ‘fails’​ and does not result in any form of commercial activity.

Many of our clients receive payment within three months of submission to HMRC with an average refund value of £60,000+ for an initial 2 year claim.



Helping engineering firm with R&D tax claims

As a business providing precision engineering services to the aerospace, motorsports, and marine sectors across the globe, West Midlands-based engineering firm A&M EDM prides itself on its innovative, pioneering, and forward-thinking approach.  By its very nature, R&D constitutes a significant proportion of the firm’s day-to-day operations and, through embracing the Government’s R&D tax credit scheme, […]