Navigating HR & OD Challenges in 2024: A Guide to a...

Introduction: As we step into the New Year, the ever-evolving landscape of human resources (HR) and organisational development (OD) presents both exciting opportunities and unique challenges for HR Professionals, Leaders, and Managers. From adapting to accommodate ongoing workforce needs or addressing emerging trends, January 2024 sets the stage for those responsible to proactively shape the […]

Growth, Development and Organisational Change…

Through our Retained Exclusive Service, we were able to rapidly mobilise and assist a client at pace to meet their needs as they set-up as a new Limited by Guarantee entity. There were complexities involved with all they wanted to achieve within a set timeframe, given that there was an imminent requirement to transfer a group of staff from one organisation to another.

Equipping your Managers and Leaders to Cope 

58% of respondents from a recent survey You HR has run, said that they do not feel they are equipping their managers with mentoring or coaching to work through the complexity of people matters that arise in the workplace or aligning their people plans with their organisational strategy.

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