Why we need to ban “busy” in a post pandemic world

Alex Graves, CEO of Silicon Reef and an expert in modern working models and technology, explains why we need to stamp out the b word in the workplace.

Guidance for employers on the end of the furlough scheme

How many jobs have been saved by the furlough scheme? We won’t ever know the answer to that question but 11.6 million jobs have been supported by the scheme at some point.

You HR Consultancy Ltd Are Recruiting

Are you ready to line up and be our next storm trooping HR Consultant? For more information about You HR visit: www.youhrconsultancy.co.uk or email alice@youhr.co.uk to book time and chat about this opportunity. Closing date for applications: 14th Oct 2021 Whole Day Interview & Assessment Selection: 19th Oct 2021

Building Great Teams | The Innovation Toolkit

In this episode of The Innovation Toolkit, a series exploring tools to help businesses face the challenges of a post-COVID world, Stephen Spencer is joined by Megan Carter as they discuss the fifth part of the POSITIVE Compass tool: T for Teams.

Common HR Issues

We are now halfway through 2021, and the global COVID-19 pandemic has continued to cause organisations to think swiftly on their feet to respond to shifts in perspective and priorities and reassess future planning.

Staff Security Breaches – How to Protect Your Business from Ex-Employers

Employers are Wide Open to Security Breaches from Former Staff Members, Research Shows Plus, tips on how to protect a business from a disgruntled ex-employee A third of employers never change passwords More than half of companies don’t have procedures in place to return ID cards While a quarter of employees take sensitive information when… Read More »

Deloitte tells staff they can WFH forever

In response to the news that Deloitte will allow staff to work from home forever, adding to the long list of organisations that have also already made this commitment, please see below expert comment from Sridhar Iyengar, MD, Zoho Europe on what this means for business productivity, protocols and new initiatives, with advice on how to deal with such a drastic long-term change.

Employment Status | Tips for Employers

In this edition of Tips for Employers, Paula Rome of Julian Taylor Solicitors talks us through Employment Status and the effects it has on employment rights and tax issues for workers and temps.

Gender pay gap falls to 12.5%

It has been reported that the gender pay gap at UK organisations has shrunk for the third consecutive year, early analysis has shown, but the true picture will only emerge once all eligible employers have published their data in the autumn

Blenheim to Recruit Record Number Of Apprentices

Blenheim is offering 12 new apprenticeship opportunities in a wide range of roles from bricklaying to social media.

COVID-19 Vaccinations & The Workplace | Tips for Employers

In this episode of Tips for Employers with Julian Taylor Solicitiors, Nicola Wallbank discusses the latest on COVID-19 vaccinations from an employer perspective.

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