About B4

What is B4?

B4 actively connects people in business who value being part of a collaborative, supportive community.

We help each other make the most of opportunities and work through problems, through existing connections and new introductions.

From 2006 to now

B4 was founded in 2006 to ‘Build Bridges Between Businesses’ (hence B4), and while the world has changed (and we have too), B4 Members still believe in the positive power of businesses working together.

The power of connection

We’re 100% focused on harnessing the power of connections by building a curated community of members that combines traditional networking with digital tools.

Our vision is to make business better
For today, and Tomorrow

Making connections, near and far

We make business better by making connections. We’re expanding our active, collaborative, and supportive business communities across the UK, ensuring that Members grow from shared experiences and new perspectives.

What underpins all of this are the bridges we build, and the connections we make.

Are we for you?

If you’re passionate about working with others, about sharing ideas with your peers, building a more sustainable and meaningful business for yourself and others, winning new business as you build trust, and you want to be part of a community of like-minded people, then we invite you to apply to become a Member.

Conversely, if you want something short-term, if you’re focused on ‘quick-wins’ for the next quarter and what you can get from the community, then sorry, we’re not right for you. There, we said it. It’s best to be honest!

If you’re unsure, check out The Spirit of B4, co-created by our Members, which describes the characteristics of a typical B4 Member.

Building bridges with B4 Ecosystems

Our Ecosystems bring together Members from all B4 communities, to grapple with, comment on and explore shared challenges and opportunities.

By working together, we become increasingly resilient to market changes and more responsive to employee and customer needs.

Building bridges with Events

From informal drinks and lunches where great impromptu conversations happen, to black-tie dinners in fantastic locations, where members can raise their profile as thought-leaders, there’s a way for everyone to gain new perspectives and build strong relationships at a B4 event.

Building bridges with Introductions

Let’s not forget the very literal sense of connection. Every day, we connect Members with one another, both reactively and proactively, helping them build their personal networks, perfect to help each other grow and thrive.

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