It Depends: Your Guide To LinkedIn – Part 2

LinkedIn expert Emma Wyatt hosts the second of her B4TV shows and discusses a range of LinkedIn related topics with Jackie Meek of Future Path Life Coaching. According to her LI profile, Jackie ‘helps frazzled mums to confidently boss the mum juggle without getting burnt out.’

Help your business take off with HeadOn PR

Verity talks about the services provided by HeadOn PR and how businesses are having to become much more creative in gaining potential and existing customer’s attention.

Optimising your social media platforms

We are living in a world that revolves around social media, it’s used in all aspects of life, but over recent years businesses have started to take this as an opportunity to increase exposure, gain a following and share what they do to a wider audience. Social media is now a huge part of business and if you aren’t on it you’re potentially missing out on thousands if not millions of people to connect with and countless opportunities.

What are #’s and why should your business be using them?

Hashtags are simply a way of grouping content into specific topics, events, themes, or conversations. By grouping content together, it makes it easier for people to discover specific content. Simply put, using a hashtag makes your content searchable.

B4 member, Urban Element, crystallizes its vision and launches a new website to reflect this

Longtime B4 member and supporter Natasha Ellard launches a new website and sets out who they are in the digital marketing industry.

The Importance of Images in Social Media

There are few things more important in Social Media than images. They are powerful, they grab attention and they are the core of the message. Images are much more than a picture, they are a virtual bookend to the message you want to share. The following five points highlight the importance of imagery: 1) Adding visual… Read More »

The Future Of Clubhouse

The Future of Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat social networking app launched in 2020 by software developers Alpha Exploration Co. In December 2020 it was valued at nearly $100 million and this number recently reached $1 billion after a round of investment.

How to amplify content on Linkedin

Emma Wyatt, Emma Easton & Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies talk about how best to amplify your content marketing. They shared some top tips for Marketing, PR and LinkedIn.

How not to lose 3 hours on LinkedIn?

How not to lose 3 hours on LinkedIn?

As I sit down to write this, I realize I have lost track of time on LinkedIn this week. Ever been there? Frustrating isn’t it!

LinkedIn can seem a daunting platform to start with. It needn’t be.

How I moved my business online with Joy Foster of TechPixies|How I moved my business online with Joy Foster of TechPixies

How I moved my business online with Joy Foster of TechPixies

Joy Foster, founder and Managing Director of the Award-Winning Online Social Media Training Company TechPixies will talk about how she moved her social enterprise from a face to face training company online in 2018 and the impact moving online has had for her company.

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