James White Sales Success


I believe that winning in sales is very similar to dating and meeting a new partner and I have developed a 12-stage model which I believe everyone can resonate with.

Why people buy and the basics of sales

Since the start of time, the human species has craved relationships.

We all crave interaction with others to satisfy our wants, needs and problems! We look to date and meet new partners because we want someone to share new experiences with and to feel good and buying things is no different!

When we buy something new it makes us feel good and a powerful chemical called Dopamine is released by the brain when we achieve things or when we satisfy our desires. It gives us a feeling like we are on top of the world and it makes us want more of it!

You, your wants and your story

Success in sales comes from thinking about our prospect ahead of ourselves but in order to have a sales conversation in the first place we need to have a clear picture about who we are, what our story is and why anyone should want to buy from us!

In the dating world, this is our personal profile and our chance to tell others why they should consider going on a date with us. In the world of business and sales, it is the who we are, what we do and why we do it!

Prospecting and finding new business

When we know our ideal customers, we can work to prospect and find these customers within our marketing and outbound sales and then deliver value to them early on. If we focus on the prospect’s pain points and wants it will help them to see us as a company they want to work with.

When you date someone, you look for the perfect profile of the person you want. You may prefer tall people over short people, those who are into films or those who are into sport. You know that you are more likely to date these people and be able to have a conversation as they like what you like.

We choose those we want to be with in life because of their profile and in sales it’s the same. When we know our ideal customer, we don’t have to waste time trawling through lots of people that are not right for us.


Just Post It

What are you frightened of? Time spent dithering about what to write or share on LinkedIn or your other marketing channels is time you could be spending on your business. Call it writer’s block, call it imposter syndrome. Or recognise it’ll add some value to your audience and just post it!

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