Tom Barton of VSL & Partners

VSL ranked Oxfordshire’s top performer

VSL & Partners has been named Oxfordshire’s top-performing property agency for the second time this year.
Spires House

Arlington expands Oxford Business Park ownership with Spires House acquisition

Arlington has continued to consolidate its ownership at Oxford Business Park by acquiring Spires House, a 49,421 sq ft multi-let office building from Harbert European Real Estate.

Howbery Business Park to keep a look-out for birds

Howbery Business Park has pledged to focus on birds during its second year taking part in a biodiversity scheme. In its first year, the park championed bumblebees, completing the necessary criteria by October to earn its first petal of the Nurture Biodiversity Award. To enhance conditions for birds on the park and earn its next… Read More »

B4 Property Day. A view from Flexible Funding Limited, Head of Operations, John F Kennedy

Creating Value for all Stakeholders with Short-Term Real Estate funding solutions.
Beard, Director, Dean Averies

B4 Property Day. A view from Beard, Director, Dean Averies

Rewind nine months to March and we were quick to react and protect our business. In April many of the projects we had priced were put on hold and new tenders were slowing down. Our customers were telling us that now was not a good time to spend vast sums of money. Even the customers that had the finance secured, did not want to be seen spending money frivolously.
Mike Jennings

B4 Property Day. A view from Jennings, Chairman, Mike Jennings

One of our unique features is our ability to build empathetic relationships with our tenants. We do this because it feels like the best way to run a business. It means that we understand our tenants, and often have advanced warning of potential moves.
Oxford Works at Oxford Business Park

B4 Property Day. A view from Oxford Business Park’s Development Director, Dan Williams

The events of the last 9 months have impacted each and every one of us, in an unprecedented way. For those of us that commute to a place of work and enjoy the social and collaborative benefits, the effect on our daily lives has certainly been profound.
Dr. Wendy Tindsley, Innovation Director

B4 Property Day. Oxford Innovation on demand for workspace

During lockdown The Oxford Trust has seen unprecedented enquires for its office and lab space across its two innovation centres, managed by Oxford Innovation, with an increase of over 300% in the last four months.

B4 Property Day. A view from Wallers Estate Agents, Managing Director, Rowan Waller

The thing about the UK Residential Property Market is that it is often unpredictable, and so whilst all the experts in March predicted a property market cataclysm, the reality is that we are shaping up to have our best ever year…
The Lambourn in Abingdon

Mantle: Opening a new business centre during a pandemic

Back in March, on the eve of the first lockdown, Mantle launched The Lambourn in Abingdon. This wasn’t to be the only business centre to launch during the pandemic. This November saw the introduction of Nine Hills Road in Cambridge. Opening during these times has had its challenges. However, as with all Mantle centres, these new workspaces were designed with flexibility in mind.