The NEXUS Programme – Your opportunity to support

The NEXUS Programme is for responsible businesses who recognise that they have a part to play in nurturing the wider business community. The NEXUS Programme gives B4 Members the opportunity to provide member benefits to charities, social enterprises, co-ops, fair trade organisations, start-ups and small businesses or sole traders. B4 NEXUS launched in 2019 giving […]

Employee Volunteering Best-Practice Guide

Employee volunteering provides significant benefits to businesses and employees, as well as having a significant impact on charities and at the heart of local communities. Some of the professional skills employers and staff might take for granted are priceless to charities and community organisations – according to the NCVO almanac, the value of volunteering is estimated at £22.6bn per year.

Work Experience Best-Practice Guide

Work experience is a placement offered by an employer on their premises, during which school or college students carry out tasks more or less as an employee would. The placement can last for a week or longer, and includes an emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience.

Best Practice Guide to Open and Inclusive Recruitment

A step-by-step guide for Oxfordshire employers to unlock potential through diverse recruitment. This guide is designed to support you to adapt your organisation’s recruitment practices in order to access talented and motivated candidates from disadvantaged groups – to help you reach the widest possible pool of talent. These include ex-offenders; young people who are ‘NEET’ […]

Best Practice Guide to Long-Term Charity Partnerships

Whilst many businesses support charities on an occasional basis or via a ‘Charity of the Year’ initiative, some choose to build deeper and more permanent relationships with a particular cause. When done well, this partnering can see a business involved in a charity’s strategic direction, sharing skills, knowledge and networks on an ongoing basis.

Best Practice Guide to Charity of the Year Initiatives

About Charity of the Year initiatives are popular with businesses wanting to back different causes regularly. The business typically chooses a different charity to support each year, offering staff volunteering time, sponsorship and fundraising support. But how do businesses know they are providing the help that charities really need? This guide looks at how your […]

NEXUS Webinar Series with Mark Beard, Richard Venables, Jayne Woodley and...

Join us for the first in a series of NEXUS webinars where we will hear from Mark Beard, Patron of NEXUS and High Sheriff in Nomination for shrieval year commencing April 2022, former High Sheriff, Richard Venables, Jayne Woodley of OCF and Grant Hayward, who is well known to businesses across both organisations and will remain proactively involved in the future development of NEXUS.