Sobell House

Sobell House’s mission is to enrich the lives of our patients and those who love and care for them in the communities in which we operate across Oxfordshire.

Our vision is for an Oxfordshire where high quality end of life care is available to all those who need it, wherever they are, and for their relatives to have access to help during the patient’s life and to have the help they need to adapt to their loss and go on with their lives.

The number of people dying each year is increasing, so hospice care has never been more in demand. It is a need that is only going to increase. Sobell House has a responsibility to care for those patients with the most complicated cases and to teach and inspire others to provide good care.

Our aim, over the next 5-10 years, is to build the necessary infrastructure to deliver more direct care both in the hospice, the home, the community and our main hospitals; to provide more education and training for health and social care professionals who deliver a lot of end of life care and develop a network of carers and volunteers capable of alleviating the stress of those with a terminal illness and the bereaved, where they live.

Team Members

Tim Wraith

‎Corporate Partnerships Manager