The Season of New Beginnings in Your Leadership Journey

Spring is thought of as the season of new beginnings, bringing new life to plants, trees and flowers and although it may not officially begin until 20th March, now is a great time to think about new beginnings in your own professional journey. This change of season is a great time to reflect on the things that you have planned for the year, and how you are going to accomplish them.

‘Meanwhile in Oxfordshire..’ Case Study: Ducky Zebra, the sustainable kidswear brand...

‘Often girls’ clothes are pink, cute and impractical. They promote kindness, but not always confidence. And boys’ clothes are often blue, aggressive and adventure seeking. They promote confidence, but not always kindness. I wanted to bring these two characteristics together and allow all children, no matter what their gender, to celebrate both kindness and confidence.’ – Sally Dear, Founder of Ducky Zebra

OxLEP-backed project major update: Green light for Oxford station and railway...

The Department for Transport today (17 August) confirmed it has awarded £78.6m to Network Rail to support the redevelopment of Oxford station and railway, helping provide a bigger and better station, more services for passengers and freight, and improved journey times for passengers in the future.

Local Growth Fund Case Study: Oxford Centre for Applied Superconductivity

The property of zero electrical resistance in some substances at very low absolute temperatures, ‘superconductivity’ sees the conductivity of materials become such that when an electric current is passed through a loop of such a superconductor, the electric current will keep flowing through it indefinitely without any need of a power supply – thus leading to the creation of self-sustaining energy sources.

OX to ZERO summit: Oxfordshire’s world-leading solutions to reaching net zero

A new one-day summit at The Blavatnik School of Government will showcase how Oxfordshire leads the global charge in addressing the climate emergency. OX to ZERO unites the county’s most innovative thinkers, investors and entrepreneurs exploring the potential of new ideas, technologies, and companies to accelerate the net zero transition.