Defining the journey towards diversity

Achieving a high standard of diversity in the workplace has become increasingly important – especially given the spotlight that has been shone on this aspect of business life by the recent global pandemic and the growing awareness of racial inequality around the world. For larger businesses there are also greater reporting requirements in this area from regulators and government.

Strategy Digest #2

Listen to B4’s interview with Executive Coach Mel Noton, plus other fantastic stories from the strategy sector including Oxford Innovation, Oxford Brookes University, OSEP CIC and many more.

Love AND Business?

No, they’re not two words you would often hear or say in the same sentence, but for Alan Wick, ‘love’ underpins his approach to business and always has. B4’s Richard Rosser had the absolute pleasure of finding out more about this engaging business coach based in Sussex who has, thankfully, recently joined the B4 community.

From Struggle To Success

Oxford Professional Consulting is Oxford’s premier consultancy for Executive Business Coaching and Leadership Communication. Led by Alison Haill, Principal Consultant and Founder, who hand-picks associates to suit individual contracts. The company has clients in the UK and abroad.

The one trait evident in every successful CEO

I spent five years as the share tipster at the Daily Telegraph before I joined Charles Stanley, editing its long-running Questor column. I met numerous chief executives of UK listed companies on a daily basis – from FTSE 100 giants to Aim-listed tiddlers – as they attempted to convince me that their companies were the ones that Daily Telegraph readers needed to back.