Jonathan Walton of Whitley Stimpson

Self-employed fear unaffordable tax bills as a result of coronavirus

Accountancy and business advisors Whitley Stimpson reports that as many as one million self-employed people could soon be facing tax bills bigger than their annual earnings in 2019-20 due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Step into the future of Contrai

Survey launched to improve ContrAI: the app which will transform contract management and drafting

Corporate and Technology Law Firm, Moorcrofts has launched a new online survey to help understand the needs of professionals dealing with commercial contracts, to ensure the contract management and drafting app – ContrAI – which is being developed by Moorcrofts, not only meets the requirements but exceeds the expectations of those in industry, who are directly experiencing the existing difficulties with the management of contracts.
Unipart wins CovidComms Award

Unipart wins CovidComms Award

Unipart Group has won an award for the best in-house corporate communications response to the pandemic.
Don’t leave your success up to chance in 2021, get your strategy defined

Don’t leave your success up to chance in 2021, get your strategy defined.

Do you ever question why some businesses are more successful and outperform others? And what’s the key differentiator to winning market share, achieving profitable growth and creating high performance teams ?
B4 People & Strategy Day

B4 People & Strategy Day

It’s People & Strategy Day at B4 so we’re highlighting some recent and not so recent articles and press releases posted by B4 members over the past year or so. Some content is pre-COVID but still relevant so get stuck in for great advice from our growing community of experts.
Linda Hughes - HR & Organisation Change Consultant, Dynamic HR Coach

Can your People Strategies make you competitive?

Competitive advantage means positioning your company ahead of other companies to achieve superiority in quality, cost, value, market position or innovation. Regardless of what it means to a company, it may be the single factor to attaining success and business sustainability.

Energise Your ‘Mojo’

How to keep it together when the going gets tough... Jackie Jarvis the Walking Business Coach talked to three B4 members about a subject close to her heart and her business.

Oxfordshire businesses invited to join free Small Business Leadership Programme

The Small Business Charter and The University of Leicester invite Oxfordshire business to join our free Small Business Leadership Programme.

No Nonsense Sales Training

Get a secure and consistent income in your business in 4 weeks. Our online course will teach you the skills you need to thrive and not just survive in tough economic times.
The Importance Of Wellbeing For Employees In The Current Climate

Blenheim: The Importance Of Wellbeing For Employees In The Current Climate

Covid has put heavy pressure on our mental health. Which to most of us is no surprise when we found out about lock down!