Oxfordshire Youth


Our vision to to build an Oxfordshire in which every child and young person has the skills, connections, and opportunities they need to thrive.

Oxfordshire Youth has been delivering life-changing youth work services for 76 years, and is proud to be the infrastructure organisation for the children and young people’s sector in the county, reaching over 26,000 young people every year. We also deliver the largest supported accommodation service for 18-24 year olds, aiming to reduce homelessness, and poor health outcomes, and increase positive and lasting health, housing and work outcomes for all.

What is Youth Work and How Does it Make a Difference?
Youth work is a non-formal educational intervention reaching young people before they get to a crisis point. Youth workers provide group and one to one activities to support young people to build self-esteem, leadership and teamwork skills, life-skills, and enhance their resilience and mental health.

Youth work is a powerful way to equip young people with the employability skills they need to lead lives of purpose, success, and positive contribution to wider society.

President of Oxfordshire Youth: Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill
Chair of Oxfordshire Youth; John May, OBE


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