Carter Jonas previously reported that investment in laboratory and office space in Oxford for 2022 was on track to break the previous record of £330 million set in 2021 and that prices for fitted lab space now exceed £100 per sq ft. With demand for space from life science organisations reaching nearly 860,000 sq ft in Oxfordshire alone, chronic undersupply continues to pose all too familiar problems. So, how exactly are players in the life sciences sector continuing to play a crucial role in facilitating expansion of the Oxford eco-system?

Dye & Durham Strengthens and Unifies UK Brand

Dye & Durham, a leading provider of cloud-based software for legal and business professionals, is now serving clients across the United Kingdom under a unified and strengthened brand, with the business firmly focused on helping customers fuel growth and cut inefficiencies. The brands of many of the companies that Dye & Durham has recently acquired […]