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Family owned business focuses on environmentally friendly solutions in new rebrand

After 40 years of supplying a variety of custom packaging options ‘The Bag N Box Man’ is rebranding.

Oxford Brookes student wins annual art competition

An Oxford Brookes University Fine Art student has won a prestigious international art competition that will see her work feature on the cover of a world-leading Opera House’s tour programme.

B4 Mini Mag: Issue 002

B4 Mini Mag: Issue 002

Thank you to everyone who fed back so positively about the format of the new Mini Mag after Issue 1’s launch.

Facebook’s Market Cap Grew By $101 Billion Average Per Year Over The Past Nine Years

Facebook is the youngest of the crème de la crème of the top performing firms globally. According to the research data analyzed and published by Wette.de, its market cap has increased by a cumulative $932.0 billion under Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership. In the 9.3 years that he has been at the helm, it grew by an average of $100.7 billion annually.

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Help your business take off with HeadOn PR

Verity talks about the services provided by HeadOn PR and how businesses are having to become much more creative in gaining potential and existing customer’s attention.

Deadline to enter Oxford Bus Company ‘Brand The Bus’ competition extended

Oxford Bus Company has extended its deadline for good causes to enter its Brand the Bus competition.

Adept Graphics Goes Carbon Neutral

In the fleet branding business, opportunities to innovate and, in parallel, reduce carbon footprint are not always easy to come by. There is a balance to be kept: providing solutions with the highest-quality, sturdy, and long-life materials on the one side. On the other: keeping chemicals, waste, and carbon-heavy activities and products to a minimum.… Read More »

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B4 Mini Mag: Issue 001

After more than fourteen months without a magazine, it’s great to be back with the new B4 Mini Mag!

Energise Your Enterprise | The Innovation Toolkit

In this episode of The Innovation Toolkit, a series exploring tools to help businesses face the challenges of a post-COVID world, Stephen Spencer is joined by Bala McAlinn as they discuss the seventh and final part of the POSITIVE Compass tool: E for Energy.