Rising cost of fleet operations gives cause for re-evaluation, says Venson

TIME TO GO TO TENDERwww.venson.com It’s not just a cost-of-living crisis that is giving cause for financial reassessment, the rising cost of fleet management is forcing many businesses to reassess partnerships and service provider relationships. After salaries, fleets can represent one of the biggest operational costs for a business, so careful selection of outsourced expertise […]

Super-Deduction Tax Breaks on Office Furniture – What Is It and...

As businesses migrate back into their offices, the UK government is working to make this shift more appealing.  New super-deduction tax relief was introduced last year to encourage businesses to invest in productivity-enhancing plant and machinery assets to promote growth and development, helping to make offices more appealing and comfortable places to work.  Plant and […]

Don’t take short-cuts on commercial EV fit-outs

Planning and staff engagement helps maximise return for commercial fleets choosing electric, says Venson In 2022 Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) comprised 16.6% of all new vehicle registrations, surpassing diesel for the first time to become the second most popular powertrain after petrol*. Whilst it’s clear that increasing numbers of fleet operators are making the switch […]

Why I Champion Conscious Empathic Leadership

My title could have read Why I Champion Conscious Empathic Leadership In Men, to emphasise the extra importance of men having to work more consciously at displaying empathic behaviours in their leadership, but that feels just as sexist as saying that female leaders need to ‘man up’! Traditional ‘male’ characteristics like decisive, powerful, authoritarian and […]