Your Business’ Legacy | Mike Talks Business

On this episode of Mike Talks Business, host Mike Jennings of The Jennings Group gets together with Val King of The Rooflight Company to talk all things Legacy and to take a look at Employee Ownership Trusts.

Myth-Busting Purpose

In this episode of The Real Meaning of Business, Sam Kandiyali and Steve Cook are joined by Andy Green as they tackle some of the myths surrounding purpose and meaning in business.

“Do I Not Like That”

The late, great Graham Taylor must have been muttering this phrase from above recently as the 12 European ‘Football Giants’ – hereafter forever known as the ‘Giant Greedy Bastards’  – gave birth to the most ill-conceived and short-lived ‘grand plan’ there has ever been.

Insight into CMC Business Advisers

Learn more about CMC Business Advisers and how they are helping business owners who have ambitions to grow, increase their business value, or sell their business.

Supporting young people’s mental wealth

On this episode of Let’s Talk Mental Health with Mel Noton, we’re joined by Jodie Lloyd-Jones from Oxfordshire Youth to discuss their work in the local community and the issues young people face in today’s workplace.

How to Build a Brand

When legal experts and creative minds work together, the perfect brand can be born! Hear from branding, media and legal experts on this episode of The Business Brunch.

Your Finances in 30 Minutes

Join experts from Charles Stanley Wealth Management as they discuss inflation and the impact on consumables, interest rates and their impact on individuals and the global economy, savings versus investments, and an overview of equity investments.

Introducing The Rebel Business School

In this episode of The Business Brunch we’re joined by Simon Paine, founder of The Rebel Business School and wearer of many hats! Simon chats to us about what lead him to create The Rebel Business School, his concerns with current business education for young people, and how the past 12 months have affected his business and many others.

Find Your Niche, Find Success

Join sales expert James White as he chats to special guest Alexander Seery, Founder of Shifts to Success, about finding your niche and achieving the life you desire.

B4 Cambridge – An introduction to the B4 Community

In this episode of The Business Brunch, B4 ventures beyond Oxfordshire again to introduce two more members from Cambridge – Gareth John and Ollie Lewis.

UK trusts as an effective tax planning tool

Tax advisors from Whitley Stimpson share knowledge about how UK trusts can be a very effective tax planning tool to help reduce the amount of tax payable on certain events in relation to income tax, capital gains tax (CGT) and inheritance tax (IHT).

The Future for Young Professionals

Join members of B4’s Professional Services Hub as they chat about the future for young professionals and whether their careers may not pan out as they had envisaged due to the ‘new way’ of working.