Who Are The Policy Makers

Who are the policy makers?

This episode of The Business Brunch brings you insights into the House of Lords, with special guest Baroness Judith Jolly whose interests lie within healthcare and environmental issues.

Loving Lockdown?

Loving Lockdown? The Joys of Being a Working Parent

Spending more time with family, saving money on the daily commute – There are plenty of reasons why being in lockdown should be a joy for working parents, but is that truly the reality people are experiencing?

Digital Poverty in the UK

Digital Poverty

On this episode of The Business Brunch guests will be discussing the issue of Digital Poverty in the UK, as 2020 illustrated the need for better connectivity for many who are now WFH or taking classes online.

The Business Brunch: Brexit's Impact on Fashion Exports

Brexit’s Impact on Fashion Exports

Brexit’s impact stretches far and wide, but one area many of us may not have considered is the fashion industry.

Quick Wins with Jackie Jarvis 'Pick Up The Phone'

Quick Wins: Pick up the Phone

Do you find yourself avoiding using the phone, but at the same time wishing there were a quicker, easier way to move sales forward?

LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month

February is LGBT History Month, a great time for businesses to think about how inclusive they really are for LGBT employees and what they can do to become more so.

Employment Law Update with Nicola Wallbank of Julian Taylor Solicitors

Employment Law Update

Nicola Wallbank of Julian Taylor Solicitors talks us through what to expect from employment law in 2021.

The Future Of Clubhouse

The Future of Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat social networking app launched in 2020 by software developers Alpha Exploration Co. In December 2020 it was valued at nearly $100 million and this number recently reached $1 billion after a round of investment.

The Business Brunch - Replacing A Leader

Replacing a Leader

Are you thinking of standing down as leader for a slower pace of life or are you preparing yourself to lead? What does a business need to do to prepare for such a change to ensure the wheels keep turning, or is it a great opportunity to make fundamental changes?

Stephen Spencer and Frank Nigriello reflect on the customer service lessons they’ve learned from Disneyworld.

The Disney Way

Holidays should be fun and relaxing, but one holiday spot has turned into a real-world business school for two leading Oxfordshire businessmen.