Wellness Group Launches Tailored Menopause Business Packages

Bodyline launches M Plan tailored business packages after successful patient trials The aim is to support women through their menopause journey and redress hormonal imbalances, as well as vitamin and hormone deficits, through a clinically diagnosed menopause programme Increased demand for personalised menopause treatments diagnosed through blood tests and patient specific symptoms Women want to […]

Wellness With Emma

Wellness with Emma means treating your whole being – not just focusing on 1 aspect of wellbeing like food or exercise – but instead getting in alignment with your body, mind & Soul so that you can live a healthier, happier, more balanced life.

The countries promoting a positive work-life balance in 2022

A positive work-life balance is proving increasingly important to employees across the world as perks and benefits prove vital, even leading to people relocating or switching industries as a result. Acuity Training has researched which countries are offering the best perks, promoting the idea of a positive work-life balance, examining factors such as holidays and […]

Wellbeing at Work and Functional Resilience

Melissa Noton, co-Leader of B4’s Wellbeing Group, talks to the Head of Oxford Health’s Wellbeing department, Roz O’Neil, about staff pressures, their accumulative nature and the need to support a level of functional resilience, organisational agility and leadership.

PROGURT… Beauty From Within……..  The Worlds Strongest Probiotic

Progurt is revolutionary in its concept and capabilities. Progurt’s unique formulation restores your microbiome with the same indigenous bacteria with which you were born. Progurt was developed to work with the body’s principles of healing, restoration, circulation, hydration and moisture. Progurt’s Gutcare range replaces depleted values of electrolytes, minerals and bacteria; regulates pH and optimizes […]