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Wellness With Emma

Wellness with Emma means treating your whole being – not just focusing on 1 aspect of wellbeing like food or exercise – but instead getting in alignment with your body, mind & Soul so that you can live a healthier, happier, more balanced life.

The countries promoting a positive work-life balance in 2022

A positive work-life balance is proving increasingly important to employees across the world as perks and benefits prove vital, even leading to people relocating or switching industries as a result. Acuity Training has researched which countries are offering the best perks, promoting the idea of a positive work-life balance, examining factors such as holidays and […]

Wellbeing at Work and Functional Resilience

Melissa Noton, co-Leader of B4’s Wellbeing Group, talks to the Head of Oxford Health’s Wellbeing department, Roz O’Neil, about staff pressures, their accumulative nature and the need to support a level of functional resilience, organisational agility and leadership.