PYE Homes


We have a long-term, vested commitment to our new communities which is reflected in our work every step of the way. We always take the greatest care in how we build, because that care ensures that yours, and every home is built to last.

We build in harmony with nature and the local area, so that new homes simply belong as part of a community, right from the start.

These values have led us to join with Blenheim and to make our commitment to their Legacy Principles. Together we share a desire for progress alongside a deep-rooted sense of place and enduring connection to our neighbours and local communities.

Blenheim is a long standing partner of ours and a respected land owner within Oxfordshire and beyond. Like us, they have long running traditions of forming local communities, and we are delighted to have joined forces with Blenheim Estate in 2018 and to work together, developing in a responsible and caring way.

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