Modular wellbeing unit for NHS hospital staff in Buckinghamshire

Working with modular builder, Green Unit, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust has installed an eco-friendly wellbeing pod for colleagues at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury. The new wellbeing unit was opened on Friday 26th February by CEO Neil Macdonald and Chief People Officer Bridget O’Kelly.

A private space for NHS staff

The wellbeing pod is a private space that provides a restful and calming place for all Trust colleagues when they need time away from their busy working day. The unit overlooks trees and greenery within a quiet part of the hospital grounds and a floor-to-ceiling glazed end provides natural light and a connection to the green surroundings.

Commemorating Sir Tom Moore

The project was commissioned by the Trust’s Occupational Health and Wellbeing team and the space will support the long-term wellbeing of colleagues now and post-pandemic. The pod has been funded by NHS Charities Together and Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Charitable Fund and will also commemorate the late Captain Sir Tom Moore whose astonishing charitable efforts helped to fund the building.

Craned onto site in hours

The wellbeing pod was built offsite by sustainable, modular builders, Green Unit, and was craned onto site in hours to minimise disruption to hospital operations. The building has a uniquely curved design, which helps to create the warming and calming environment.

Jonathan Finnerty, Managing Director of Green Unit, said “I’m incredibly proud to be involved with this project to support the health and wellbeing of NHS staff. We all know what an incredibly challenging year it has been, especially for the people working in the NHS, who give their time and energy so generously to offer their patients the best possible care. It’s a privilege to see NHS staff starting to take time out to use the new wellbeing pod.”

Bridget O’Kelly, Chief People Officer for the Trust said “We’re so grateful for the fundraising efforts of Sir Captain Tom Moore and everyone who has generously donated to NHS Charities Together and the Trust’s charitable fund. The wellbeing pod will provide our staff with a calm and quiet space to stop and take time out of their busy days.”

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