Improving road safety for all with dash cams and fleet telematics

Tracker helps fleet managers educate company car drivers of the wider benefits London – 30th May 2023 – Tracker Network (UK) Ltd is reminding fleet operators of the invaluable safety benefits of smart dash cams and telematics solutions to protect drivers. Whilst not all business drivers are happy to have this technology accompany them on the road, Tracker […]

Barclays invests in brand new working capital technology for corporate clients

Barclays is looking to drive the growth of next-generation business through a £3m investment into Trade Ledger and the implementation of its working capital platform The bank has signed a three-year technology deal which will deliver fast, easy access to working capital for corporate clients London, 25th May 2023: Barclays has today announced that it is […]

Understanding the Importance of Safety and Health at Work: A Comprehensive...

Employers have legal obligations and regulations to maintain safety & health at work and to implement a safe and healthy work environment. The following strategies can be followed to protect employees from injuries and illnesses, which can be costly for both employees and employers. A safe and healt…   Safety and health at work are […]