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B4 members share the same values – they understand that any successful business, now and in the future, will need to build long-lasting, trusted relationships and embrace collaboration, reciprocation and integrity.


Team Members

Victoria Charnley

Business Development Manager & B4 Shropshire Area Director

Lorna Waterfield

Lorna Waterfield

Production Manager


Love AND Business?

No, they’re not two words you would often hear or say in the same sentence, but for Alan Wick, ‘love’ underpins his approach to business and always has. B4’s Richard Rosser had the absolute pleasure of finding out more about this engaging business coach based in Sussex who has, thankfully, recently joined the B4 community.

Unlock More Capital Growth With VCTs

David Hall is the Chair of the VCTA (Venture Capital Trust Association), having succeeded Stuart Veale in the role in January this year. He is the Managing Director of VCTA member YFM, where he is involved in all aspects of the business, including fundraising and the management of investments. He also chairs the Investment Committee and directly oversees YFM’s investment in software firm, Matillion.

Fit for Work, Fit for Purpose, Fit for Life

The importance of wellbeing has increased with people working from home. Almost all of us had to change the way we work and contemplate what the future looks like. It’s been a key priority for Aston & James to align themselves with the changing workplace wherever you choose to work.

Celebrating National Inclusion Week

This week we are celebrating National Inclusion Week. This week’s theme is #UnitedForInclusion and looks to share inclusion in all its forms. National Inclusion Week asks us to consider three questions:

Emirates Pavilion ready to welcome visitors at Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai’s must-see aviation attraction is gearing up to open its doors to the public on 1 October. Located in the Opportunity District, and within walking distance of the Al Wasl Dome, the Emirates Pavilion offers a preview for the future of commercial aviation, reframing the role that science and technology will play in the next 50 years of air travel, as it welcomes visitors to experience two floors of interactive multi-sensory installations.

Blenheim 7k Fun Run

Run, jog or walk for charity or for fun at the World Heritage site, Blenheim Palace, Woodstock in Oxfordshire, the stunning venue for the annual Blenheim 7k on 10 October, sponsored by Freeths Solicitors and the Oxford Business Park.

B4 Community Working Together: Carbon Colour provide new signage for Stagecoach’s...

As part of Stagecoach Oxfordshire’s Depot improvement plan, Robert Betterton, Stagecoach’s Fleet Engineer needed a local reputable firm to assist with the design and production of new signage for depots in Oxford, Banbury and Witney. As B4 members, Robert looked to the B4 community for support and found Carbon Colour and Managing Director, Nigel Allen. […]

Managing Expectations | The Business Brunch

Knowing how to approach another organisation to promote your services is never easy, especially during a pandemic when we’re all juggling so many balls. But, when it comes to approaching larger organisations, what tips can SME’s learn from the large organisations to give them a chance to at least be in the conversation?

Bravo BB!

Despite a brief flirtation with the hospitality sector in late 2020, it really has been far too long! We were delighted to accept Brasserie Blanc Operations Manager, Chloe Smith’s, invitation to enjoy a Saturday night out….and what an absolute pleasure it was.

Optimising your social media platforms

We are living in a world that revolves around social media, it’s used in all aspects of life, but over recent years businesses have started to take this as an opportunity to increase exposure, gain a following and share what they do to a wider audience. Social media is now a huge part of business and if you aren’t on it you’re potentially missing out on thousands if not millions of people to connect with and countless opportunities.

Re-Energise Your ‘Mojo’

Back in November, B4 member Jackie Jarvis asked other members how they energised their ‘Mojo’. Now, as we hopefully approach, fingers crossed, the permanent end of lockdown, we revisit this article with Tim Wraith of Sobell House giving us an injection of his ways to keep going. Many of us will feel battered and bruised from the personal and professional challenges we have endured over the last 12 to 14 months, so how does Tim keep going? We also revisit what our members said last year in Jackie’s article.

Managing Expectations | The Business Brunch

Knowing how to approach another organisation to promote your services is never easy, especially during a pandemic when we’re all juggling so many balls. But, when it comes to approaching larger organisations, what tips can SME’s learn from the large organisations to give them a chance to at least be in the conversation?

“Do I Not Like That”

The late, great Graham Taylor must have been muttering this phrase from above recently as the 12 European ‘Football Giants’ – hereafter forever known as the ‘Giant Greedy Bastards’ – gave birth to the most ill-conceived and short-lived ‘grand plan’ there has ever been – the European Super League (ESL).

“Do I Not Like That”

The late, great Graham Taylor must have been muttering this phrase from above recently as the 12 European ‘Football Giants’ – hereafter forever known as the ‘Giant Greedy Bastards’  – gave birth to the most ill-conceived and short-lived ‘grand plan’ there has ever been.

“Do I Not Like That”

Charlie Shillito, Richard Rosser, Nick Humphreys and Brendon Cross discuss the fallout from the recent European ‘Football Giants’ ill-conceived and short lived ‘grand plan’.

How to Build a Brand

On this episode of The Business Brunch, we are joined by guests Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Director of OWB Creative, Simon Barker, Partner and Head of IP & Media and Rhian Banks, Managing Associate IP & Media of Freeths as they discuss the key factors to consider when building a brand.

Your Finances in 30 Minutes

On this episode of The Business Brunch, we are joined by experts Ria Shepheard, Garry White and Giles McKean from Charles Stanley Wealth Managers as they discuss inflation and the impact on consumables, interest rates and their impact on individuals and the global economy, savings versus investments and an overview of equity investments.

Investigating The Paranormal: Live!

A virtual ghost hunt with Haunted Happenings. Oxford Castle & Prison has joined forces with Haunted Happenings to bring ghost hunters the most Spooktacular event of 2021 to screens across the globe.

Meet Donna Torres of Xero

On this episode of The Business Brunch, join guests Jo Bentley of The Henley Coaching Partnership, Stephen Cook of V Purposeful Strategy, Stephen Spencer of Stephen Spencer + Associates, Stewart Elliston of Freeths and Emma Bullock of Chapman Robinson & Moore as they interview special guest Donna Torres of Xero.

The Future for Young Professionals

On this episode of The Business Brunch, we are joined by guests Sian Hewitt and Claudia Lacey of Freeths and Lois Jones of Boardman Hawkins & Osborne LLP, as they discuss their own individual experiences of the past 12 months and how they’ve found balancing work and home life…

The Oxford Living Wage

On this episode of The Business Brunch, we are joined by guests Cllr Susan Brown, Leader of Oxford City Council, Carmel Conway, Economic Projects Officer at Oxford City Council, Matt Peachey, Economic Development Manager for Oxford City Council, Jake Backus, Co-founder of Common Ground Cafe and Emily Scaysbrook of Hoyle’s Of Oxford and B4’s CEO, Richard Rosser as they discuss the benefits of the Oxford Living Wage.

B4 Cambridge – An introduction to the B4 community

On this edition of The Business Brunch, we introduce two new B4 members from Cambridge – Ian Mather who is the Chief Executive Officer at Cambridge United Football Club and Chairman of Cambridge Arts Theatre and William Rooke, Partner at Carter Jonas. Richard Rosser CEO of B4 is your host for this first edition of The Business Brunch featuring a new B4 community outside of Oxfordshire.

Building back better transport for Oxford

On this edition of The Business Brunch, we are joined by guests Hayley Beer-Gamage, Chief Executive of Experience Oxfordshire, Dave Harrison, Senior Public Transport Planner from Oxfordshire County Council, Phil Southall, Managing Director of Oxford Bus Company and Andy Morison Head of Customer Experience at Oxford Bus Company as they talk about how public transport has been affected, how it’s had to adapt to a pandemic world and what we need to do to attract the local and wider population back to Oxford.

We’ll meet again… but how will we feel?

On this edition of The Business Brunch, we are joined by Stephen Spencer from Stephen Spencer + Associates, Wendy Ball from the Ashmolean Museum, Jon Young from BVA BDRC and Tagore Ramoutar from The Oxford Artisan Distillery as they discuss how people will react and what measures businesses should take to help visitors return to enjoy attractions and hospitality venues again.… what meeting again in the post Covid world will look and feel like.

Bitcoin Beats

On this edition of The Business Brunch join Brad Mills who is an early adopter of Bitcoin and Hamilton Gilpin from Bitcoin Beats as they discuss and give you an insight into the world of Bitcoin.

The Home Office of the Future

On this edition of The Business Brunch, join Paul Ballinger from STL Communications, Kellie Peters from Databasix and Neill Lawson-Smith from CIS, as they discuss the pros and cons of working from home and what the expectations are from customers.

International Women’s Day – 8th March 2021

To celebrate International Women’s Day we ran two special editions of The Business Brunch as we were joined by a cross-section of inspirational women from the B4 community as they discussed their own personal experiences and challenges within the workplace, both positive and negative.

Europa School Students Searching for Businesses to Help Save Work Experience

We, a group of year 11 students at the Europa School in Culham, have been working together during lockdown to try and organise a replacement for our lost work experience. Alongside the Careers Department, we are hoping to find the support of local businesses, to help us bring this experience to life. This event is being launched during National Careers Week when schools and businesses are focussed on how they can all work together to improve Careers Education across the country.

The 9 Building Blocks For Recovery

We’re definitely not out of the woods yet but we’re certainly in a position to start ‘cautiously’ planning for the future. Representatives from B4’s Professional Services Hub got together to discuss what advice they’re giving their clients to build the foundations for recovery and what they’re doing in their own businesses to get in shape to hit the ground running.

B4 Appoint Non-Executive Chairman

B4, Oxfordshire’s long established business networking group, recently announced plans to expand its new and largely digital services nationally. With the national network already attracting members from Brighton to London and Cambridge to Manchester, B4 are building on the excellent team foundations already in place with the appointment of Frank Nigriello as non-executive chairman.

Who are the policy makers?

Ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors in the House Of Lords? Well, you have come to the right place! Join special guest Baroness Judith Jolly from The House Of Lords, Paul Morgan from Naomi House & Jacksplace, and Jo Faulkner-Harvey from Homeless Oxfordshire, as they provide an insight into the House Of Lords.

Loving Lockdown? The Joys of Being a Working Parent

Feeling trapped and overwhelmed with family and work life? On this edition of The Business Brunch we are joined by Jessica Mason from Chapman Robinson & Moore, Nicola Wallbank from Julian Taylor Solicitors, Howard Feather from NatWest and Katerina Kurgane, also from Chapman Robinson & Moore as they talk about the pressures of being a parent in lockdown and how they are managing to cope with work and home life.

Digital Poverty

Many of us take connection to the internet for granted…we have phones, laptops and plenty of them. We all know what it’s like when we lose our mobile or, heaven forbid, internet connection. So imagine living in a world where you don’t have a phone, a laptop or internet connection… how would you get by?

The Real Meaning of Business

Business has always evolved, but it is now changing like never before, accelerating over recent years and fuelled even more by the extraordinary events of the past year. So, what are these changes, why are they happening and what now is the real meaning of business? Some will say it’s to generate profit or wealth. But that’s just one result and not the main reason for many.

Brexit’s Impact on Fashion Exports

Brexit’s impact stretches far and wide, but one area many of us may not have considered is the fashion industry. Jodie Evans, Fashion Business Manager at Olivia May Ltd is joined by Managing Director, Ann
Whorrall and Operations Manager, Olivia Knight who discuss the impact of Brexit on their business, their customers, fashion exports and future strategy.

LGBT History Month

February is LGBT History Month, a great time for businesses to think about how inclusive they really are for LGBT employees and what they can do to become more so.

The Future of Clubhouse

Our host for The Business Brunch, Imisi Adefala of Inspiring Action Media was joined by his guest, Adham Alimukhamedov of Stick2Win to discuss the future of Clubhouse, an invitation-only audio-chat social networking app launched in 2020 by software developers Alpha Exploration Co. As of December 2020, it was valued at nearly $100 million with latest valuations exceeding $1 billion. What does the future hold?

Top Of The Posts at B4

We showcase the best performing B4 member news, articles, podcasts and videos so you can see what content the wider world wants to see – it’s also a great reflection of the amplification certain members are giving their posts.

Replacing a Leader

You won’t have missed the news last week that Jeff Bezos is preparing to stand aside as chief executive of Amazon. The move will come into effect in the third quarter of 2021 when he will hand over the reins to Andy Jassy, who heads up Amazon’s cloud computing arm. So how do you prepare? Are you thinking of standing down as leader for a slower pace of life or are you preparing yourself to lead? What does a business need to do to prepare for such a change to ensure the wheels keep turning, or is it a great opportunity to make fundamental changes?

The Disney Way

Frank Nigriello’s loyalty and long service towards his employer, Unipart, is possibly matched only by his undoubted admiration and genuine fascination for all things Disney. So when Stephen Spencer made a passing reference to Disney as possibly his optimum case study when it comes to his area of expertise, customer experience, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that these two could be TV gold….and so it proved.

Building a Foundation for Success

James White, the ‘Small Business Sales Expert’, interviews David Harris who, in 2016, sold his business for an eight figure sum. So how did he do it and what’s his advice to any business with aspirations to sell?

What’s Your Story?

It’s National Storytelling Week and PR and marketing expert Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies hosted a discussion about the importance and essence of storytelling with independent communication consultant, Lucy Eckley, together with independent social media and digital marketing consultant, Paul Sutton…so absolutely no pressure summarising a discussion about storytelling given by three storytelling experts!

Children, Young Carers & COVID

Over the past year the world we once knew has become very different for all of us. We’ve all faced personal and professional challenges on a different scale and there’s no real light at the end of the tunnel. But most of us reading this will be of a certain age, we’ve lived our lives to some extent, we’ve experienced things we can, for the time being anyway, no longer experience. Not everyone can handle that, no matter how insignificant those experiences are in the grand scheme of things, they’re important to someone.

Overcoming Our Biggest Challenges

It’s been almost a year of turbulence, a year like no other, certainly a year none of us will ever forget. But, as days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, the realities of a new business world came into view. When would we see our colleagues again? Would we ever be together under the same roof? Can our business survive this? When B4 members from the Professional Services Hub got together recently, the stand out concern for them was the wellbeing of their colleagues.

B4 Embarks on National Expansion

B4, Oxfordshire’s leading business to business network, launched in 2006 and celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2021, has now launched nationally, providing businesses across the UK with fantastic opportunities to connect and secure excellent profile across B4’s growing digital audience.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Numerous studies show that Black, Asian and minority ethnic employees still face significant barriers in the workplace. From recruitment and progression to reaching leadership positions, there are strategies that organisations can adopt to improve team representation from entry level all the way through to boardroom.

Inclusion and Diversity at GWR

Great Western Railway has worked collaboratively with colleagues to establish an Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and Action Plan that creates an environment where all colleagues feel comfortable to bring their whole selves to work. Over 600 colleagues and Trades Union representatives worked with us to develop the strategy that aims to achieve our vision where: We are progressive. We are one family. We are inclusive. First time, every time.

B4 NEXUS – Your opportunity to support

Responsible businesses recognise that they have a part to play in nurturing the wider business community. Our B4 NEXUS programme gives B4 Members the opportunity to provide B4 Member benefits to charities, social enterprises, co-ops, fair trade organisations, start-ups and small businesses or sole traders. Not only do B4 NEXUS Members benefit from the B4 […]

B4 Sustainable Business Day

It’s B4 Sustainability Day at B4. So we’re highlighting some recent and not so recent articles and press releases posted by B4 members over the past year or so.

B4 Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Day

It’s B4 Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Day at B4. So we’re highlighting some recent and not so recent articles and press releases posted by B4 members over the past year or so.

B4 Property Day

It’s B4 Property Day at B4. So we’re highlighting some recent and not so recent articles and press releases posted by B4 members over the past year or so.

Workplace Wellbeing Day

It’s Workplace Wellbeing Day at B4. So we’re highlighting some recent and not so recent articles and press releases posted by B4 members over the past year or so.

B4 Sales & Marketing Day

It’s Sales & Marketing Day at B4. So we’re highlighting some recent and not so recent articles and press releases posted by B4 members over the past year or so.

B4 Property Day

It’s Property Day at B4 so we’re highlighting some recent and not so recent articles and press releases posted by B4 members over the past year or so.

B4 People & Strategy Day

It’s People & Strategy Day at B4 so we’re highlighting some recent and not so recent articles and press releases posted by B4 members over the past year or so. Some content is pre-COVID but still relevant so get stuck in for great advice from our growing community of experts.

Interview with Angus Horner of Harwell Science & Innovation Campus

We were joined by Angus Horner, Director of Harwell Science & Innovation Campus in South Oxfordshire. Harwell is home to organisations, institutions and businesses shaping the world of today and tomorrow, a campus where world-class people work in world-class facilities to solve global challenges. Angus is focused on providing real estate, marketing, collaboration, networking and […]

The New B4 Website is Now Live

Packed full of content including videos, articles, press releases and podcasts, the new B4 website is a fantastic resource for all businesses….but, that’s just the beginning. As our new network of Hubs begins to generate collaborative content, in the form of webinars and articles, the site will become an increasingly referenced website for the business […]

Employee Volunteering Best-Practice Guide

Employee volunteering provides significant benefits to businesses and employees, as well as having a significant impact on charities and at the heart of local communities. Some of the professional skills employers and staff might take for granted are priceless to charities and community organisations – according to the NCVO almanac, the value of volunteering is estimated at £22.6bn per year.

Work Experience Best-Practice Guide

Work experience is a placement offered by an employer on their premises, during which school or college students carry out tasks more or less as an employee would. The placement can last for a week or longer, and includes an emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience.

Application for the Government’s Kickstart Scheme by the B4 community

Together with other B4 members including ELS, Oxford Duplication Centre, Studio 8 and NX, we have made an application for the Government’s Kickstart Scheme which provides funding for employers to provide six-month work placements for 16-24-year-olds that are currently claiming Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment.

Sun Rum – one man’s passion to create a legacy

Matt England is the man behind Sun Rum, the artisan Lymington-based rum producer who has spent most of his working life in the hospitality sector and decided on creating his own brand having been inspired by anothers quest in the spirits business. B4’s Richard Rosser had the pleasure of interviewing the incredibly focused and passionate owner of a brand which could well be making a splash in your lives…and quite a lot of fun in the process making some of Matt’s keynote cocktails!

B4 Inspiration: Interview with Mike Feerick

Mike discusses his journey as a social entrepreneur, and some of the key learnings he has picked up along the way. He can discuss how to build a financially successful business focused on meeting a huge global social need.

Best Practice Guide to Open and Inclusive Recruitment

A step-by-step guide for Oxfordshire employers to unlock potential through diverse recruitment. This guide is designed to support you to adapt your organisation’s recruitment practices in order to access talented and motivated candidates from disadvantaged groups – to help you reach the widest possible pool of talent. These include ex-offenders; young people who are ‘NEET’ […]

Best Practice Guide to Long-Term Charity Partnerships

Whilst many businesses support charities on an occasional basis or via a ‘Charity of the Year’ initiative, some choose to build deeper and more permanent relationships with a particular cause. When done well, this partnering can see a business involved in a charity’s strategic direction, sharing skills, knowledge and networks on an ongoing basis.

Fitch Brew Co Heads to the USA

Andy Deeley and Emily Fitch-Deeley, co-founders of cold brew coffee and teas producer, Fitch Brew Co, may be familiar to many of our readers having appeared at BIO2018 and, more recently, in NX Magazine. They’ve been ever present on social media, chronicling their amazing growth and, recently, overseas expansion. It’s great to see hard work paying off for such an industrious and likeable couple….oh, and by the way, at the same time that their expansion news hit, Emily gave birth to a new Deeley… congratulations!

B4 Digital Magazine – Issue 62 OUT NOW

There’s a lot of obvious things that we could all say about the last three months, the lessons learned, changing working practices, getting to know our colleagues, customers and associates better remotely than we did in person….the main thing is that we’re all focused on a positive future having experienced the biggest reboot any of us will ever go through.

Best Practice Guide to Charity of the Year Initiatives

About Charity of the Year initiatives are popular with businesses wanting to back different causes regularly. The business typically chooses a different charity to support each year, offering staff volunteering time, sponsorship and fundraising support. But how do businesses know they are providing the help that charities really need? This guide looks at how your […]

Talking to Yourself with Lucinda Whiteley of PIVOT

Neil Cowling, podcast producer extraordinaire, Lisa Pilkington of BBC Radio Oxford fame and actress and broadcaster Sue Elliot-Nicholls join Lucinda Whiteley of Novel Entertainment in the first of a brand new series of webinars on Tuesdays at 18:00, to talk about talking to yourself on radio, podcast and in real life.

Interview with Sam Ricketts, Manager of Shrewsbury Town FC

Sam is manager of League One football club, Shrewsbury Town. Although the current season is under lockdown, and may not be completed, Sam is one of the only managers in the world to deny Liverpool, the current European and World Club Champions and, until the current crisis, runaway leaders of the Premier League, a win when his team held Liverpool to a 2-2 draw in the fourth round of the FA Cup, before losing 1-0 in the replay.

Life Hacks For Optimal Performance with Spider Chan

The human body has been equipped with tools for our longevity, health and wellbeing to sustain us through our entire lifetime to thrive and not just survive. Over the decades we have “lost” the ability to tap into the foundation of these tools, which I call Life Hacks.

Support for the Business Community

We know the next three months, and who knows potentially longer, will be a difficult time for us all. We need to support each other and our wider communities and ensure that we are sharing initiatives and support for those that need our help the most.

In Conversation With Actor Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne is an English actor. Although born in Shropshire, England, he spent his early childhood on British Military bases in both England and Germany and briefly attended school in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Blackthorne broke into acting via television commercials in England.

Every Day’s A School Day

I remember, only ten days ago, saying to someone that it would be good to put the business on hold ‘for about three months’ so we could focus on doing some work on the new website, processes etc…. Those words came back to haunt me this week and I got my wish.

Business Experience Learnt Over 50 Years

After graduating from Southampton University in 1964 with a 2:1 in Mechanical Engineering, I turned down the offer of further research into my thesis project, and elected, after much persuasion, to join the family business.

Have your say: Transport issues in Oxfordshire

Everyone is dependent on transport in some way, shape or form. Even if you work from home and conduct all of your work remotely, your work will in some way rely on transport. In Oxfordshire, the transport network is suffering from overload at peak times and doesn’t provide for safer and more environmentally friendly modes of transport such as cycling as well as it could.

The Kingham Wow!

The Kingham Plough has a fantastic reputation for excellent food and hospitality made famous by chef patron and Great British Menu winner, Emily Watkins. Now under the ownership of experienced hospitality operators, Matt and Katie Beamish, B4’s Richard Rosser found that Emily’s legacy was in safe hands with a wonderful night’s stay and sumptuous meal.

Spiced Roots

All too infrequently you have a culinary experience which makes a mark, which excites the taste buds and which gives you confidence that service and product are still held in the highest regard….but then being a rare occurrence is the reason these experiences are so special.

Oxfordshire Voice: A Focus on Transport

Oxfordshire Voice (OV) approaches its first year anniversary with much still to do, but that was always going to be the case with such a high bar set from the outset. There’s a growing sense of permanence amongst the OV partners with a strong board established and sub boards set up to bolster admin and governance, establish a communications strategy and focus on some of the key issues in more detail, starting with the formation of a transport sub group.

B4 Blenheim Dinner at Halloween

Sixty B4 members and guests were treated to a wonderful evening of fine dining and entertainment in the saloon at Blenheim Palace on Wednesday 30th October. Our host, Blenheim CEO, Dominic Hare, welcomed guests with an engaging update on progress to date and plans for the future.

The B4 Business Podcast launches with digital debate

B4 has launched a new monthly business podcast featuring business leaders discussing topical issues.  The first episode is available now to listen to on Soundcloud presented by Emma Gascoigne from Big Foot Communications and joined by guests Frank Nigriello, Corporate Affairs Director at Unipart Group and Simon Biltcliffe, CEO of Webmart.  In the 20 minute podcast, Frank and Simon discuss the opportunities and threats of digitalisation and stress the importance of working with schools to help plug the digital skills gap.

Engaging The Next Generation

Oxfordshire Voice has been set up to find solutions for the key challenges facing Oxfordshire businesses. Whilst many solutions have and are being implemented by businesses on a daily basis (flexible working, car pooling etc….) to overcome these challenges, larger policy related changes may well take years to implement.

Putting the Villa in Vilamoura!

Just a three hour flight from London and a 30 minute drive, Vilamoura is a fantastic destination for a short break or a longer, more relaxing holiday. With an abundance of fantastic restaurants, beaches and leisure activities on your doorstep, it’s an unmissable destination if you’re looking for the perfect getaway.

B4 is More Than Networking

We’ve often wondered what makes B4 stand out from the crowd, and after many years we feel we might finally have the answer: B4 is more than networking.

B4’s Night to Remember in The Saloon at Blenheim Palace

What an unforgettable and privileged night B4 members and their guests enjoyed in the incredible surroundings of The Saloon at Blenheim Palace in October. Sixty guests enjoyed a champagne reception in the Great Hall before the Saloon’s doors opened to reveal beautifully set tables, complete with Halloween table decorations supplied by event stylist, Tina Rosser (of TJR Event Styling and Management) and B4’s oldest member, an immaculately dressed skeleton.

Hotel du Vin Henley

We enjoyed a welcome break at the fabulous Hotel du Vin, a cosy retreat in the heart of Henley, snuggled alongside the banks of the River Thames.

Fantastic B4 Classic Event at Oxford Town Hall

On 21st November B4 members and guests were welcomed to our first Classic Event at the stunning Oxford Town Hall. Guests explored this beautiful and historic building and enjoyed a selection of complimentary drinks and canapés courtesy of Lamb Catering. Accompanied by speeches from B4’s Richard Rosser and David Hunt, Commercial Manager of Oxford Town Hall.

Fantastic B4 Classic Event at Rhodes House

On 6th September B4 members and guests enjoyed an evening of networking with drinks and canapés at the stunning home of the Rhodes Scholars, Rhodes House. With a pre-event Masterclass from Hayley Monks of Think Inspire Create who presented guests with a wonderful and appropriate topic for discussion: “The Future of the Workforce – Does the quality of the human interaction become more important as automation grows?”.

Oxford & Oxfordshire World Class & Connected

Oxford and Oxfordshire were top of the 2017 Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities index and the 2018 Arcadis ‘Investing in Britain’ report names Oxford as the 2nd best city in the UK for Growth Potential. As Oxfordshire’s leading business networking community, B4 aims to play a key role in this growth.

Magnificent B4 Classic Event at 141 Park Drive, Milton Park

On 10th May B4 Members and guests enjoyed an evening of networking in the fantastic, innovative venue 141 Park Drive, Milton Park. Followed by speeches from B4’s Richard Rosser and Milton Park’s Philip Campbell. The evening provided our guests an insight into the people behind Milton Park, how the place is run and the latest news and developments within this fascinating science and business park.

Jamals Saffron

Two of Oxford’s finest restaurants have come togerther to create, what could be the ultimate Indian restaurant in Oxford.

A True Leader

Oxford was last year ranked, for the second consecutive year, by PwC as the UK’s highest ranking city in their recent Good Growth for Cities report. Although it’s easy to pick holes in what is wrong with Oxford, it’s just as easy to overlook the long list of positives.

The Void : Star Wars, Secrets of The Empire at Westfield,...

I hadn’t thought this one through very well had I! What was meant to be a belated 21st birthday treat for my son Ed (once a Star Wars fan, always a Star Wars fan), could have turned into a very expensive day out. However, I’d managed to book this unbelievable experience on one of only two days in the year when the shops were all shut…Easter Sunday! Genius!

Perfect B4 Classic Event at Pint Shop Oxford

On 19th April over 70 B4 Members and Guests enjoyed a wonderful evening of relaxed networking in the cosy yet modern setting of Pint Shop with speeches from Ross Phillips, General Manager of Pint Shop, Richard Holmes, Co-Founder of Pint Shop and Richard Rosser, CEO of B4, followed by an interactive hop and beer tasting activity hour.

Social Media & Your Business

Web-based social networking can create extraordinary exposure for your organisation, and is currently a significant piece of every marketing procedure. The advantages of utilising social networking are so great that anybody not utilising this financially savvy asset is passing up a major opportunity for an incredible showcasing chance.

A Warm Welcome to B4

The introduction to B4 for new members has always been an area we wanted to give some attention to and partnering with our new neighbours at The Manor Country House Hotel, we had the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Fabulous B4 Classic Event at Hartwell House Hotel & Spa

B4 were proud to welcome B4 Members and their guests back to the fantastic Hartwell House Hotel & Spa, following numerous events B4 have previously held there. Guests enjoyed an evening of relaxed networking, with drinks and canapés in a stunning setting, with speeches from Richard Rosser, CEO of B4 and Matthew Johnson, General Manager of Hartwell House Hotel & Spa.

B4 50th Timeline

At a meeting with John Kennedy, then of Darbys (now Knights), Colin and Richard Rosser agreed to launch a quarterly business magazine aimed at giving Oxfordshire businesses a profile in high quality print. John came up with the name B4, standing for Building Bridges Between Businesses and commented.

Fantastic B4 Classic Event in the brand new, high tech Sultan...

B4, in association with Conference Oxford were proud to invite B4 Members and their guests to experience the delights of Oxford’s newest venue: the sleek and modern Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre at Worcester College on Thursday 7th December, with speeches from Prof. Sir Jonathan Bate, Provost of Worcester College, Richie Carter, Contracts Manager of Beard Construction, Mike Naworynsky, Home Bursar of Pembroke College & Chairman of Conference Oxford and Richard Rosser, CEO of B4.

Wonderful B4 Christmas Dinner & In Oxford Awards Ceremony 2017

B4 invited Platinum members and guests to celebrate the winners of this year’s In Oxford Awards at the B4 Christmas Dinner, held at the prestigious Divinity School. The event included an opportunity to connect with a wide range of Oxfordshire’s leading businesses and enjoy the hospitality of Oxford Fine Dining, with speeches from Alice Ogilvie, Head of Venue Services at Bodleian Libraries, Cllr Price, Leader of Oxford City Council and Richard Rosser, CEO of B4.

Excellent B4 Classic Event at The Oxford Artisan Distillery

B4 The Oxford Artisan Distillery (TOAD) welcomed B4 Members and their guests for a tour of the newly opened distillery, the first of its kind in central Oxford. The event included casual networking with drinks and canapés, with speeches by Tom Nicolson, CEO & Chairman of TOAD and Richard Rosser, CEO of B4.

Focus on the future for B4

Prior to the B4 Classic Event at Rhodes House in September, 30 B4 Members from a wide range of sectors gathered to tell us what we do well and what we could do better. As part of an ongoing assessment of B4 and how we can improve what we do for our members, the next stage of the process is the formation of a B4 Advisory Board.

Grand Designs

Richard Rosser caught up with Kevin McCloud, the man behind TV’s Grand Designs and the Grand Designs Live exhibition which took place in October, to pick his brain on what “design” (exterior or interior) can mean for you and your home, and share his thoughts on the current housing market in Oxfordshire.