Sales training ✔, we’ve done that… have you really?

It’s a familiar response that Nick Hughes of Dynamic Coach hears almost daily. Where businesses have invested in a sales training programme – he questions how businesses are facing up to the new challenges.

It’s a familiar response that Nick Hughes of Dynamic Coach hears almost daily. Where businesses have invested in a sales training programme – he questions how businesses are facing up to the new challenges such as the rise of Big Data, a new breed of better-informed buyers, dynamic cloud-based CRM and pipeline management etc, meaning that the flexibility and agility of commercial people is being challenged like never before and that’s before we consider the challenges that Covid-19 has brought.

Nick explains that the challenges businesses and sales teams are facing in this forever changing world is being heavily influenced by our own consumer experiences. What is happening in our personal “sales” journeys, is now starting to feature in our business experiences i.e. who can deliver faster, at a lower unit cost, with less human intervention are succeeding.

Think of Uber, Amazon, Purple Bricks and numerous online professional services you don’t even have to leave home for or speak to a human for now! The need to establish a definable value proposition over your competitors will grow exponentially and businesses that can harness these elements quickly and can deliver their commercial proposition effectively, are more likely to outpace in their market growth and competitors. This is a key element of the training supplied through Dynamic Coach.

How did Dynamic Coach come about?

Nick explains, in his previous roles, all too often, when he inherited commercial teams, the business leader often said “we had someone in to provide training a few years ago”, unfortunately, Nick’s retort was often “there is little evidence of a quality programme embedded in the sales process”. A situation that became all too familiar to Nick when he engaged with other businesses too. Having experienced this disconnect between the quality of salespeople, the sales process, coupled with a new breed of more competent buyers, who were using ever more sophisticated tactics. He identified a gap in the market for a programme to address such challenges, which included:

A programme delivered by someone who had extensive commercial experience – not just a “professional trainer” they had been there seen it and done it – they were relevant to the commercial challenges.

A programme that focussed on the behavioural challenges required to keep pace with the changing market.

A programme that could harness data, pipeline creation tools and deliver a measured benefit through creating a value proposition.

A coaching ethic for the entire team to embed the training and processes – creating longevity in the return on investment by the business.

With no one supplier offering these elements centred around sales fundamentals – Dynamic Coach was born!

Tell me about Dynamic Coach’s client base, it is not specific to just one sector why is this? The sales cycle whether is it be long or short is basically the same. Product or service offerings do vary and that’s where we engage with the client to tailor specific elements of the package to the client’s sector, but fundamentally sales are the same.

What is your ideal client? Since our inception the client base has varied from 2 to over 20 in a team, the key is the desire for the business to invest appropriately for them and we help establish the most effective way of doing that.

Where did the company name come from? Quite simple really, at the heart of Dynamic Coach is an ethos in delivering an agile programme of sales and commercial training that allows businesses to change the way they go to market, whether it be product or serviced based. We help businesses deliver Dynamic outcomes for the performance, hence the name.

Nick is delivering several masterclasses throughout this year on a number of topics centred around sales and sales development for B4 as well as being a speaker at Bio2020, be sure to catch one of his talks.

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