Positive Steps with Claudia Lacey of Freeths

1. Charitable and social initiatives: Despite being physically separated, the Freeths Charity and Social Committee has been extremely active; we have kept the Freeths community spirit high through organising a variety of virtual social initiatives such as Zoom quizzes, Microsoft Teams lunches and a firm-wide monthly book club!

Positive Steps with Rowan Waller of Wallers Estate Agents

1. Creating a viewing experience when we had no ability (or permission, by order of the government) to actually view. We set out creating video tours for all of our instructions and we encourage our clients to opt for our 3D Virtual Tours which we create using Matterport – these provide online users with an interactive online viewing experience, where the customer is in control of the viewing.

50 opportunities for a better world

Covid-19 has turned the world on its head. There has been considerable suffering as a direct result of the epidemic, as well as due to the unprecedented measures taken in response. Nevertheless, as a global community we seem to have been successful in preventing the worst. Change is possible and we can make it happen: we have insight, resilience and tools to address the next crisis.

Putting safe working at the heart of logistics by Katy Farrington

As companies start to head back to work during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, there’s mounting confusion about how to keep people safe at work. One company with a long track record for world class safety, has implemented a way of safe working in distribution centres, offices and factories that is continually evolving and improving as scientists learn more about the COVID-19 virus.

No Sense In Caring

In the last issue of B4, Paul Ballinger, Managing Director of STL Communications, featured in our lead article alongside founder, Brendon Cross, the man who has backed Paul to help him drive the company’s ‘next exciting chapter’.

Protect yourself and your duties as a director

As the chaos caused by the coronavirus outbreak continues to impair global markets, creating unprecedented challenges that may prove to rival the 2008 financial crisis, directors are having to consider not only how to cope with the immediate effects on their business, such as supply chain disruption and employee retention, but also the potential long-term implications of their decisions.