Oxfordshire’s most renowned venues are ready and waiting to welcome you back

Freedom is here!! It’s time to start making plans and getting excited about moving back to a
slightly more ‘normal’ world, with lockdown restrictions easing we are now able to visit
wonderful venues such as Blenheim Palace, Oxford University colleges and The Ashmolean

“Do I Not Like That”

The late, great Graham Taylor must have been muttering this phrase from above recently as the 12 European ‘Football Giants’ – hereafter forever known as the ‘Giant Greedy Bastards’ – gave birth to the most ill-conceived and short-lived ‘grand plan’ there has ever been – the European Super League (ESL).

Ever Heard of Onion Skin Paper? And how do we process it

We are currently working on a very large archive of old books that require HQ scanning to Archival TIFF images.  Once processed, these images will be OCR (optical character recognition) applied before being prepared to PDF format.

Sustainability: the future of commercial cleaning

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. Whether it’s from a corporation or a customer, there has been a clear shift in attitudes towards sustainability and becoming more environmentally conscious.

How to Build a Brand

On this episode of The Business Brunch, we are joined by guests Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Director of OWB Creative, Simon Barker, Partner and Head of IP & Media and Rhian Banks, Managing Associate IP & Media of Freeths as they discuss the key factors to consider when building a brand.

Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum Lockdown Lectures

Uncover The Secret Life of Ian Fleming, best known as the author of the James Bond  novels, Talk and Live Q&A with Dr. Christopher Moran.

Mid-sized businesses set to ditch offices for more remote working post-pandemic

As the country takes its next step out of lockdown and some companies start to slowly open their doors to employees, new research from leading business and financial adviser Grant Thornton UK LLP finds that just 5% of 603 mid-sized businesses surveyed believe that full-time office working will be most effective for their people post-pandemic. 

Your Finances in 30 Minutes

On this episode of The Business Brunch, we are joined by experts Ria Shepheard, Garry White and Giles McKean from Charles Stanley Wealth Managers as they discuss inflation and the impact on consumables, interest rates and their impact on individuals and the global economy, savings versus investments and an overview of equity investments.

Introducing The Rebel Business School

On this episode of The Business Brunch, Richard Rosser, CEO of B4 is joined by guest Simon Paine CEO and Co-founder of Rebel Business School as they discuss how Rebel has helped over 11,500 people get into the world of business.

The noble art of selling

No matter whether I’ve been studying conceptual and critical thinking or working with global tech enterprises, or with relatively simple businesses, or with organisations dealing with profound social challenges, or with the institutions that claim to represent us in Government, Education, Healthcare provision and Justice, or with those that want to find better ways for us to work and live and interact with each other, or in my work with movements and coalitions for change who are looking at massive subjects like climate change, the future of business, work, consumerism, capitalism, democracy or even society itself, I keep coming back to the same two basic concepts

UK trusts as an effective tax planning tool

UK trusts as an effective tax planning tool

On this episode of The Business Brunch, we are joined by tax advisors Jonathan Walton and Owen Kyffin of Whitley Stimpson as they share their knowledge about how UK trusts can be a very effective tax planning tool to help reduce the amount of tax payable on certain events in relation to income tax, capital gains tax (CGT) and inheritance tax (IHT).

Donna Torres of Xero

Meet Donna Torres of Xero

On this episode of The Business Brunch, join guests Jo Bentley of The Henley Coaching Partnership, Stephen Cook of V Purposeful Strategy, Stephen Spencer of Stephen Spencer + Associates, Stewart Elliston of Freeths and Emma Bullock of Chapman Robinson & Moore as they interview special guest Donna Torres of Xero.