Just Post It

What are you frightened of? Time spent dithering about what to write or share on LinkedIn or your other marketing channels is time you could be spending on your business. Call it writer’s block, call it imposter syndrome. Or recognise it’ll add some value to your audience and just post it!

You know what you know, do what you do, and have achieved what you have, because of years of experience doing it. Other individuals and businesses out there need people like you. But if you don’t share your knowledge and expertise, how will they find you? Now’s your time to show up.

If you’re worried about putting your neck on the line, by all means double check what you’re about to say. But if you understand your audience well enough, you’ll know that it’ll resonate with at least some of them. With resonance comes intrigue. With interest comes engagement. Enthusiasm and advocacy will be your just rewards for being gutsy.

But don’t just take my word for it. Hear from others across the B4 network about how ‘putting themselves out there’ has helped them grow their businesses too. 

Sarah Wyatt, Co-founder & Director at Juicy Designs

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response on LinkedIn since I’ve started posting on a regular basis. Conversations are happening, connections are being made and visibility is increasing.

It can feel strange to put yourself out there to begin with but it’s not as scary as it might seem, and it does get easier. Plus, how will you ever know if something works if you don’t give it a try?

Here are five things I’ve learned so far:

Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies
Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies, Coconut PR
Sarah Wyatt, Juicy Designs
Sarah Wyatt, Juicy Designs
Nick Hughes, Dynamic Coach
Nick Hughes, Dynamic Coach

Have a plan and stick to it – and for much longer than you think you need to. Some things just take time to build. There’s no magic wand but if you start now, just think where you’ll be in 6 months’ time.

Get ahead of yourself – write a month’s worth of posts or content in advance so you’re not stressing about it on the day you’ve chosen to post, and don’t forget attention grabbing visuals to go with them.

Listen carefully to what your clients/prospects/employees are talking about and the issues they’re facing. It’s likely that the problems you can help them with are cropping up for others too, so write about that.

Always keep a notepad nearby for when ideas spring to mind – it’s great to refer back to when you’re brainstorming content for your next communication.

Don’t strive for perfection – better to post something that’s good enough than nothing at all.

Cath Convery, Explosive Learning Solutions
Cath Convery, Explosive Learning Solutions
Emma Easton
Emma Easton, Business Bollox
James White
James White, James White Sales Success

Nick Hughes – Dynamic Coach.

Playing it too safe and hovering in the shadows, dithering about the right approach and commentary, will only restrict your business opportunities in the long term. As Kate says, if you understand your audience and what resonates with them, be bold, reach out, you may be surprised by the response.

Cath Convery Explosive Learning Solutions (ELS business training)

It isn’t just the post it is also the follow up and the conversation.  The challenge is the change in the algorithms behind each of the social media pages but there is always something to talk about – it’s your business and you love it, so all you are doing is having a conversation with one other person about it (ok so a host of others might see it as well!). It really does help organic growth if you like and comment on SME pages as well.

Emma Easton – Business Bollox

The ‘posting ponder’ is no different to the ‘phone-call two step’ – you know, the ‘giving-yourself-every-reason-not-to-pick-up-the-phone’. Remember, you know your stuff and have value to add, so share it – you might help someone! People will notice, and when you post regularly, they’ll look forward to viewing your content. Use formats that you feel comfortable producing, so the barrier isn’t content creation. If you’re happy in front of a camera, create a quick film recording. Or record some audio whilst out for a daily walk, or just write something down. JDI – just do it. And when people respond, your follow up is key. Thank them, engage them in conversation, build a relationship. It is called social media after all!

Don’t spend to long thinking about it… Just Post It

James White – Sales Success Academy

Act like an Angel Investor with your content and you won’t go far wrong!

When I raised £500,000 in 2013 for a business I ran, I had the chance to meet a huge number of investors. One of them told me something which has stuck with me for some time and which relates to the way you need to consider content, articles, posts, videos and the sharing of your story, ideas and thoughts! 

He told me “James, I invest in 7 companies per year. I invest £100,000 in each of them for a total of £700,000. I EXPECT 5 of the investments to not work out but 2 will and the 2 that do, will generate me around £1-1.5m in return, so giving me a significant return on my total investment. I sometimes try to increase my chances of success and I often look back on my failures and try to improve on them but I know that if I don’t take the risk in general, I am unlikely to achieve a return.” – I’ve taken and learned from those brilliant words of advice over the years. 

This approach has served me well with content and posts and I encourage you to adopt a similar approach. Not all of your posts will be raving successes and sometimes the ones which you least expect are the ones that grow, and get attention. But, if you don’t post at all, you will never know! Focus on your passions, the value you can add to your prospects, become seen as someone that understands your target market and share your story. Own it, be proud of it and be proud to serve those whom you work with. Do this and whilst not every post will be a success, the ones that are will increase your exposure and give you the scope to grow and expand. Don’t wonder, just take the advice that investors do and your business and audience will thank you for it!

The consensus is in. It’s worth biting the bullet and putting yourself and your expertise out there. Are you going to give it a go? Go on, just post it!


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