Are You Up To Date? Solutions for Online Video Transcoding

Future proof your digital business with our transcoding solutions. Transcoding of digital video files is important to ensure obsolete or outdated videos on your website are current and also give the best playback experience regardless of viewing device and connection speed.

ODC offers video processing services which transcode older file formats or higher bit-rate master or mezzanine files to more universal file codecs and formats such as H.264 video in MP4 file container.

It is important to ensure that your videos can be viewed on which ever web platform it is delivered to and we can achieve higher quality at lower bit-rates with both SD and HD source files. We can also support H.265 and UHD!


Here at ODC we receive source files that have been generated by different devices and software. Each produce a native output or raw file. An example would be Apple ProRes video codec. Extremely convenient for editing but unfortunately has a high bit rate. Browsers, mobiles and other devices cannot play ProRes, or certainly if they could typical networks would not be able to handle the high bitrates associated with this type of file. So these source files need to be converted into a suitable video file for playback on most viewing devices and platforms. This is where we come in, offering the perfect solutions for online viewing using state of the art encoding and transcoding technology.

Another example would be WMV (Windows Media Video) or FLV (Adobe Flash Video). Both formats in the foreseeable future will need to be updated into modern formats to ensure playback compatibility.

Working with educational sectors, corporate and private clients we can confidently support you. Our broadcast quality solutions are practical and cost effective and easy for you. We ensure the process is smooth, taking all your digital files and offering the best solutions for online viewing.

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