Cheryl-Lee Foulsham



Confident and friendly, Cheryl supports clients with point of sale and archival post production. Holding extensive knowledge within the industry, you will feel at ease in discussing your projects.



Maps, Plans & Posters | Oversized Scanning Solutions

Our services at Oxford Duplication Centre offer oversize scanning solutions for maps, plans and posters of any document type, from parchment, linen, cotton and paper. Our archive technicians have extensive experience in digitising complex document types into high quality digital files, ideal for archival purposes, viewing and uploading. Output formats are straightforward offering any type […]

Why You Should Consider Your Documents And Have Them Digitally Preserved.

Digitising paper documents into secure & accessible electronic records.  Our services at Oxford Duplication Centre offer a complete range of document scanning solutions to digitise archives of existing records. We can handle any type of document, from student records to complex technical drawings, from a single file through to entire archives. Our services digitise upto […]

Nehemiah Curnock’s Glass Plate Negative Digitisation Project

Our digitisation and archiving services are highly recommended in the UK.  One particular archive, trusted to our company by OCMCH Brookes is the never documented archive of The Nehemiah Curnock’s Glass Plate Negative Digitisation Project. The Curnock glass plate collection is held at Oxford Brookes University and part of the @MethodistGB collection.   About Glass […]

Recovering Smoke Damaged Documents & Records 

We are supporting a client with their large archive of documents which has suffered smoke damage from a fire that occurred in their building. Fortunately for our clients, the documents were in their fireproof safes so apart from smoke damage they survived fairly well. Preserving vital corporate and historical documents is a huge responsibility as […]

Historical Photograph Scanning

Currently we are working on a collection of photograph albums dating back to 1939 which hold historical images from World War II. It is important to handle these rare albums with a ‘white glove approach’, to ensure oils from our hands are not transferred across to the media. All images are gently brushed and cleaned […]

Unlike Wine, Tape Does Not Improve With Age

Tapes do not improve with age. Quite the opposite. Corporates, consumer and heritage clients have vast archives of magnetic tape that contain information that needs to be preserved. 70% of all audio-visual material is under the threat of deterioration, damage or obsolescence. From about 1950 through the 1990s, most of the world’s audio-visual was entrusted […]