Chadlington Brewery


Our new, custom-built brewery in the village of Chadlington in West Oxfordshire uses the latest brew equipment and we work hard to minimise our impact on the environment. The farm’s power and heating are supported by solar and biomass renewable energy sources and the brewery is able to benefit from this on-site renewable technology to help cut our carbon footprint.

Our water source is from a nearby natural spring so we are delighted to be able to use pure, filtered Oxfordshire spring water in all our Chadlington Beers. The rest of our ingredients are also completely natural including the finest English hops and barley malt.

We also recycle the spent grains from the brew process as these are used by local farmers in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties for animal feed.

Once our new Tap Room is completed we are planning to run regular events and brewery tours at the brewery and so there are even more exciting times for us all here in Chadlington Brewery – thank you for your support so far!



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