Stagecoach Celebrates Its Longest Serving Community Champions in Oxfordshire

Stagecoach is celebrating its longest serving Oxfordshire staff, with four of the company’s most familiar faces receiving awards for their hard work and dedication to the business over the decades.

Amongst those receiving awards will be bus driver Brian Havard who is celebrating 30 years at the company. Brian has driven the 3 service from Rosehill to Oxford throughout his three decades with the company, offering him an unrivalled insight into the evolution of the city over the years. Brian is now a key member of the community, having “grown up with his passengers”. He has built a strong connection with regular travellers who know him on a first name basis. Many will even wait for his bus, rather than boarding another.

Steve Escott will also be awarded for a landmark 30 years at Stagecoach. He joined the business in 1991 following a family recommendation and found himself in the driver training school within 48 hours of submitting his DVLA application. Since then, Steve has driven several different routes within Oxford city and Banbury. Steve loves the opportunity to serve local communities and now drives on the Bicester network, which he calls his home.

Andrew Johnson, who works for Stagecoach’s Oxford Tube service, is also celebrating 30 years with the bus operator. . Andrew joined the company in 1990 as a driver and has since worked his way up the ranks to become Gloucester Green controller. During his time with the company, Andrew has completed a charity bungee jump, as well as numerous half marathons and is an integral part of both the community and the Oxford Tube team.

Another member of the Oxford Tube team, Richard Pimm, will also be awarded for 30 years with the company. Following the position as Deputy Controller, Richard currently works as a driver for Oxford Tube and is renowned amongst customers for his smooth driving style. Richard was recently commended by the Oxfordshire community for rescuing a Labrador on the M40 after it escaped its owner’s garden. Richard managed to take hold of the dog and put it onto the coach, where his passengers took care of it as he continued the drive to London. Upon returning to Oxford, Richard successfully reunited the dog with his owner.

Rachel Geliamassi, Managing Director at Stagecoach West, which is responsible for services in Oxfordshire and the Oxford Tube, comments: “We are thrilled to be presenting long-service awards to four of our hard-working, loyal members of staff. The winners have racked up an incredible 120 years of service between them, and truly are a credit to our business. At Stagecoach in Oxfordshire we are proud to serve our local community, and this simply wouldn’t be possible without our incredible team working both within the community and behind the scenes.”