EDI Statement

Our Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

B4 is proud to recognise and celebrate the unique and diverse qualities of each guest speaker we have the privilege to work alongside, and promote their expansive knowledge, experience and insights from their respective specialist fields.

As a business, we are fully committed to:

  • Continuously advancing our approach to connect with a diverse network, ensuring everyone is treated no less favourably and uniqueness is respected
  • Monitoring our actions and holding ourselves to account so we can maximise every opportunity to diligently work toward high standards of practice that exude dignity, equality and inclusivity
  • Demonstrating this commitment is engrained in all we do when:
    • selecting and working with guest speakers,
    • responding to any interest to be a B4 guest speaker, and of course
    • ensuring that our community members embrace our expectations that we work together as one and value our culture in a way where discrimination holds no place whatsoever.

Our pledge to the B4 community and beyond is to harness every occasion to its fullest potential and attract a wide-ranging collaboration of speakers, other guests and of course members at our events.

We are actively encouraging all, particularly anyone wanting to help us to engage and support business colleagues that may be of a view that they are underrepresented at our events and/or across our member network, to get in touch by emailing lorna@b4-business.com. Let’s have a meaningful conversation and take the right proactive positive action together.

The B4 Team