Get to grips with today’s EV financial incentives to fast-track the...

Despite fleet average carbon emissions reducing by a record-breaking 11.8% in a single year1, and demand for battery electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars surging ahead2, the electric vehicle (EV) market still has some way to go in facilitating the UK’s Road to zero ambition. In recognition, Government is offering generous financial support to help increase the uptake of EVs, especially in the fleet market. Venson Automotive Solutions puts the spotlight on how to reduce an EV investment to cut a fleet’s carbon footprint.

50 opportunities for a better world

Covid-19 has turned the world on its head. There has been considerable suffering as a direct result of the epidemic, as well as due to the unprecedented measures taken in response. Nevertheless, as a global community we seem to have been successful in preventing the worst. Change is possible and we can make it happen: we have insight, resilience and tools to address the next crisis.

Bee-ing even greener at Howbery Park

We are committed to cherishing our beautiful landscape at Howbery Business Park, making the most of outdoor spaces for our community to enjoy, and playing our part in encouraging bio-diversity. Our most recent initiative – championing bumblebees – joins a whole raft of other measures introduced over recent years, which those based here clearly appreciate.