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Toyota is one of the world’s best-known and most successful businesses, building cars and trucks in 28 countries for sale in more than 170 markets around the globe. Worldwide production was 10.725 million (9.053 million for Toyota and Lexus brand vehicles) in 2019.


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Toyota launches cross-Channel rail freight service to cut emissions from its...

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has started transporting new cars by cross-Channel freight train services between its Valenciennes vehicle logistics hub in northern France and the major UK rail depot at Toton, in Nottinghamshire. This is the first phase of its pan-European plan to move a larger number of vehicles by rail freight in line with its ambition to decarbonise its logistics operations.

Toyota Tips for Making your Fuel Go Further

The fuel supply issues that have affected large parts of the country have focused motorists’ minds on making the most out of every tankful. Drivers of Toyota hybrid models have a head start when it comes to getting more miles from every litre, given the high efficiency of the technology and their car’s ability to […]