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Alice Schmidt is a senior policy advisor and business consultant who has worked with about 50 of the world’s best organisations in almost 30 countries, both as a consultant and as an employee. Her professional experience spans 20 years and covers not only global health and sustainable development but includes sustainable business and creating win-wins across the economic, social and environmental spheres. Besides advising governments and multilateral institutions, Alice has worked with a range of businesses on developing sustainability strategies and tracking social impact. She regularly lectures at European universities.

Alice has received excellent references by clients, partners and students. What sets her apart from other consultants is that she has worked on a wide range of issues across the social, economic and environmental spheres, including global health, education, social innovation, inclusive and sustainable business, corporate social responsibility, measuring social impact and societal progress, and others. Alice has been exposed to numerous different countries and contexts and performed a variety of different functions. This, coupled with her enthusiasm for taking on new challenges, makes her extremely versatile while never losing sight of the bigger picture.

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