Target PR’s journey to discover The Real Meaning of Business

In this session Grant Hayward and Sam Kandiyali use the recently developed B4 TRMOB graphic as a tool to highlight the ways in which Target PR use the business for positive social and environmental impact.

The ‘5 Pillars’ Principle | The Real Meaning of Business

Many people still hold the belief that the purpose of business is profit above all else. For a small minority it never has been, although historically, for most it has.

The Real Meaning Of Business

The Real Meaning of Business

Business has always evolved, but it is now changing like never before, accelerating over recent years and fuelled even more by the extraordinary events of the past year. So, what are these changes, why are they happening and what now is the real meaning of business? Some will say it’s to generate profit or wealth. But that’s just one result and not the main reason for many.

Business In The Community

Big business gives over 60,000 people in the South East food, tech and care essentials to get through COVID-19

A charity set up by The Prince of Wales has got businesses to step up and help more than 60,000 people in the South East of England as they struggle to get the food, digital technology and care essentials that they need to survive the impact of COVID-19 on their jobs, lives and communities.  

B4 Sustainable Business Day

B4 Sustainable Business Day

It’s B4 Sustainability Day at B4. So we’re highlighting some recent and not so recent articles and press releases posted by B4 members over the past year or so.

Oxford Factory Shop!

Oxford Factory Shop!! If we haven’t got it on the shelves just ask, we just might be able to get it for you. :)

How you doing out there? Hopefully all safe and well. Just wanted to inform you that our Oxford Factory has opened a cool little shop and its selling plenty of lovely products.