The Real Meaning of Business

Business has always evolved, but it is now changing like never before, accelerating over recent years and fuelled even more by the extraordinary events of the past year. So, what are these changes, why are they happening and what now is the real meaning of business? Some will say it’s to generate profit or wealth. But that’s just one result and not the main reason for many.

Over the coming months, B4 will be examining this phenomena, asking probing questions as well as showcasing examples of business leaders and companies pioneering new ways and pushing boundaries of doing business purposefully.

Over recent months, B4 members Sam Kandiyali of Target PR, Steve Cook of V. Purposeful Strategy and Age of Human, Grant Hayward of Collaborent, Mike Jennings of Jennings of Garsington and Dominic Hare of Blenheim have been shaping The Real Meaning of Business (TRMB) with B4’s Richard Rosser and will oversee the development of TRMB as B4’s TRMB Advisory Board.

Sam commented. “I feel both honoured and excited to be part of the B4 advisory board. With our world in such a fragile state, now has never been a better time to consider why businesses exist and how they can be a force for good. I’m looking forward to working with the board to uncover examples of best practice in this area, building knowledge and hopefully inspiring more businesses to become purpose-led.”

As well known advocates of responsible businesses in Oxfordshire for a number of years, Mike Jennings and Grant Hayward see TRMB as a great opportunity to spread the word, as Mike added. “Having run my own business on the basis that sustainable profit is a result of treating people and our environment with care and respect, I am delighted to be part of this B4 initiative to explore, learn, and perhaps stretch the boundaries of what businesses can do to the benefit of our community.”

Steve Cook, V. Purposeful Strategy
Steve Cook, V. Purposeful Strategy
Grant Hayward
Grant Hayward, Collaborent
Mike Jennings, Jennings
Mike Jennings, Jennings

Equally enthusiastic about the possibilities for TRMB, Grant said. “At the heart of my work and voluntary activities is support and encouragement for the growing movement of businesses as a force for good. B4 has become a key platform and showcase for like-minded companies and other employers to learn more about the ways they can make a more positive impact on the world. So I am delighted to be part of this group supporting the team at B4 exploring The Real Meaning of Business.”

Strategist, Conductor and self confessed optimist, Steve Cook, added “Exploring the real meaning and value of business for itself, with all stakeholders and in the context of wider society is my work and my world. The critical influence and impact of business conduct generally, and of individual businesses specifically, has never been more important or under the spotlight than now. I am therefore delighted to be invited to be part of this B4 initiative and it’s Advisory Board. I cannot wait to learn, develop ideas and share experiences that may really push our thinking about what business can do to become better fit for future purpose”.

Sam Kandiyali
Sam Kandiyali, Director – Target
Dominic Hare, Blenheim
Richard Rosser
Richard Rosser, B4

Blenheim’s CEO, Dominic Hare, commented. “This is fundamental for Blenheim and these are the conversations we have to be involved with. It’s such a challenging time for everyone that initiatives such as this are vital for the wider communities in which we live. If we can all help to inspire as many businesses as possible to become better businesses by sharing our hard-won experiences and learnings, then we should do everything we possibly can to make that happen.”

Monthly TRMB show on B4TV
B4’s Richard Rosser added. “We couldn’t be in better hands with Sam, Grant, Steve and Mike overseeing TRMB and I can’t thank them enough for their time and devotion to getting this key initiative off the ground. It’s B4’s conscience, B4’s heart and will bring our members together perfectly as we expand nationally. Now, more than ever, we need to work together and by showcasing great business practice, we can hopefully inspire other businesses to become better, in every way. Starting on Friday 5th March and airing on the first Friday of every month, the guys will be taking it in turns to host a monthly TRMB show where the showcasing of excellent businesses will begin.”


Steve Cook
Grant Hayward
Mike Jennings
Sam Kandiyali
Dominic Hare

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