Dale Harris



As Director of Sales and Business Development, I am an ambitious business owner. I work within different sectors of the business as well as overseeing all work and ensuring it's the best for our customers and our future.

I manage the Teamwear sector of Blue Blood Sports, of which has been and is thriving. I work with many people within Blue Blood Sports as well as suppliers within multiple different brands, embroiderers and customers. Creating the best partnership with schools, companies, clubs and colleges ensures the best product and service is given from supplying sports kit to workwear. To me, customers always come first and I use my vast knowledge from my many years of experience to enable to best experience for my customers.

Project Management is an area within Teamwear, I oversee all accounts and projects with many different schools, colleges, organisations and charities; including Jesus College, Access Sport and Mel's Ward at The Oxford Children's Hospital.

Within the Business Development sector of Blue Blood Sports, I work alongside my fellow directors and encourage my staff, to utilise their ideas and engage within our business. I oversee many ideas as well as put forward my own to ensure the best direction for the company.

My time is also spent in our shop, which stocks equipment for many different sports including Rugby, Swimming, Netball and Tennis etc. While working at Elmer Cotton, I developed a wealth of knowledge for many different sports and the equipment of which is supplied within them. I enjoy the customer engagement when on the shop floor, whether they need a new cricket bat or a new grip on their tennis racket. The knowledge that I have developed over the past 23 years has created the best customer experience when shopping with us.

Team work, I believe is a pillar of which Blue Blood Sports stands upon and will help the company develop.