Sponsorship of B4 ONE webinar events

B4 ONE is the new name for BIO (Business in Oxford), an ‘in person’ annual event which has been running for six years until this year’s three day virtual BIO2020 which saw 102 presentations delivered over three days.

B4 ONE events will take place five times a year from locations in (and potentially, beyond) Oxfordshire with a sixth event being run over three to four days which will see at least two hundred B4 members deliver talks on their area of expertise or one of five Culture Building topics.

These Culture Building topics will be the themes of each of the five B4 ONE events as follows:

  • Wednesday September 30th – Workplace Wellbeing
  • Wednesday November 25th – EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Wednesday January 20th – Community Building
  • Wednesday March 3rd – Responsible Business
  • Wednesday April 21st – Sustainability
  • Mon 7th to Thur 10th June – All 200 B4 Members

As Venue Sponsor

Host B4 ONE and your venue will receive premium exposure through introduction ‘scene-setting’ footage, your promotional videos running through the day, logo as host appearing on all on line and social media promotion, two face to face* interviews with representatives of your business (or choose one webinar in place of one of the interviews). See full benefits in the table below.

Additional requirements:

  • A suitable room from which to broadcast the webinar for one day, without interruption
  • Space in which to hold up to five members of staff plus one interviewee at a time (please note that other than the two proposed representatives of the host, all other speakers will speak from their remote locations)
  • Strong Wi-Fi
  • Access to the site to record intro and exit footage of your venue prior to the B4 ONE event

*socially distanced

As Event Sponsor

Support B4 ONE as a sponsor and receive excellent visibility for your brand on line and during the event. As one of up to three Event sponsors, you will also receive one guaranteed webinar presentation slot during the day. See full benefits in the table below.

As Speaker

If you would like to speak at a B4 ONE event you can reserve one of our Webinar or Commercial slots as follows:

Speaker (20-min Webinar) – An opportunity for you to present for 20 minutes on your chosen subject, or perhaps an interview style approach with one of our hosts. Can show slides.

Speaker (5-min Commercial) – Join us for a 5 min interview (can show a limited number of slides during this period or a short video) to promote your product or service which must be related to the overall event topic.

As Advertiser

Your promotional message in the form of a screen tile will be shown at least 6 times during the day in between presentations.

Packages Summary

HostEventSpeaker (20 min)Speaker (5 min)Advertiser
Number Available1 per event5 per event14 per event14 per event10 per event
Face-to-face Interviews10110
Webinars1 (or additional interview)1000
Footage in intro & outroYesNoNoNoNo
Promo videos during stream31000
Logo on promo materialYesYesNoNoNo
Logo on intro slideYesYesNoNoNo
Advert slide during streamYes (6 times)Yes (6 times)NoNoYes (6 times)

Please e-mail richard@b4-business.com to register your interest in any of the above opportunities.