What is B4?

B4 stands for Building Bridges Between Businesses and that’s what we do.

We provide 3 key benefits for our growing and diverse community of members:


We raise their profile within the wider business community


We help them to connect and build trusted relationships with each other


We help them to find the real meaning of their business

Megan Carter
“An amazing business, supporting a professional group of people with great insights.”
Megan Carter, Blenheim Palace
Stephen Spencer
“B4 demonstrated its core expertise and values with its digital model offering unlimited value to members.”
Stephen Spencer, Stephen Spencer + Associates
Frank Nigriello
“B4 has provided us with an excellent platform to promote the responsible business agenda to Oxfordshire companies.”
Frank Nigriello, Unipart Group
Tony Haines
“Quite simply, without B4 we wouldn’t have met, worked and partnered with some of the people we now act for.”
Tony Haines, Partner, Wenn Townsend

Increasing visibility…

Let’s look at how we increase the visibility of our members and showcase them to a wider audience.

All B4 Members have their own profile on the B4 website and, depending on their level of membership, can upload unlimited news items, create high quality articles, feature on podcasts and star on B4TV shows.


B4 members have a company profile and an individual profile on the B4 website which also houses their growing library of content such as articles, news items and B4TV shows.


B4TV is host to a growing number of shows featuring our members and their guests and range from discussions and opinions around topical issues, to opportunities to share their sector-specific expertise.


B4 members can star in podcasts, recorded with colleagues or other members, which are another great way to share their expertise with a business community which is always on the go.


Members can create high quality, professionally designed articles which are a great way to demonstrate their expertise to the wider world.


Shorter news items are perfect for promoting company announcements to the business community.

Content generated by B4 members is shared through our social media platforms to over 35,000 followers, on third party platforms such as Google News, YouTube and Spotify, and of course on the B4 website which welcomes over 30,000 visitors every month.

We know everyone is busy, now more than ever before, so we do all of this with ‘Maximum Output, Minimum Input’ in mind… meaning we take the absolute minimum amount of our members’ time and create as much content in as many formats as possible.

Key B4 numbers


conversations started


social media followers


sectors represented


monthly web & social impressions



Building connections…

Next up we’ll look at how B4 provides opportunities to connect with a supportive business community, both local and national.

B4 members understand that business isn’t won overnight and believe in forming long-term, sustainable relationships. Sharing the same values, members form strong connections and often end up working with each other.

We facilitate as many connections as possible with three unique platforms:

House Meet

Every B4 Member is placed into a House, with each House containing up to 15 members. Every Friday we introduce each House to another House, meaning 15 potentially new connections for each member to introduce themselves to.

We encourage Members to reach out to other House members to arrange a brief initial meeting wherever and whenever they want.

House Meet Live

Every Friday morning we run House Meet Live, an alternative place for members to have their one to one meetings in our online breakout rooms, or simply mingle with other members who are attending the session.

At 12pm, we welcome a Special Guest – a great opportunity for you to connect with some excellent names from the world of business.


Another way we connect our members is through Hubs: Sector-specific groups of members who come together to showcase their expertise in the form of co-created articles and shows on B4TV.

Working together helps build trusted bonds between our members and their co-created content is helping them to grow their credibility in the wider business community.

Sarah Foster
“B4 enable us to connect effectively with the local business community and are a key part of our business development activity.”
Sarah Foster, Freeths Solicitors
Elaine McKechnie
“B4 never fail to put you in contact with someone useful. Their individual service really makes the difference in building our local network.”
Elaine McKechnie, Oxford Innovation

Finding meaning…

Reputation, legacy and purpose are vital for any business which wants to thrive, now more than ever.

Many of our members have embraced working practices which we can all learn from, and through our ‘Real Meaning of Business’ B4TV show, our NEXUS programme (which allows charities and social enterprises to benefit from B4 free of charge), and our support for various causes, B4 can help shine a light on exemplary businesses and provide our members with the tools and ideas to help them change the way they think about doing business.

The Real Meaning of Business

To ensure that B4 is practicing what it preaches, we have our own ‘Real Meaning of Business’ Board, who have been appointed to independently oversee all that we do.

Our Board Members also host a regular show on B4TV which covers topics such as “Profit vs. Purpose” and “Gender Equality”, and also profiles organisations in the B4 community that we can all learn from to help us become more responsible businesses.


B4 has also set up the NEXUS programme: An opportunity for our members to support charities and social enterprises by giving them free access to the B4 community.

NEXUS partnerships are great examples of how businesses and third sector organisations can work together for their mutual benefit and the benefit of their local communities.

Who’s in the B4 community?

The B4 community is a high quality, trusted environment without the hard sell. B4 Members work with each other, attract business from the wider business community, and understand that a responsible and purposeful business is crucial in today’s world.

B4 is open to businesses of any size, from start-ups to large organisations, in any location and from any sector. So whether you’re a marketing expert, an accountant, a social enterprise or a conference venue, as long as you share our values, you’re welcome to join the B4 community.

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Our vision…

Here at B4, we have some big plans for the future. Our goals are to…

Create a national network of B4 communities

Facilitate over 1 million conversations every year

Establish the B4 brand as a mark of quality in the world of business

Want to find out more?

There are a number of ways you can learn more about what B4 has to offer.

Contact us directly

Richard Rosser
01865 742211

Book a 1-to-1 video call

Attend a Discovery

Join others in an interactive presentation where we’ll discuss B4 and take questions.

Or go ahead and sign up now

Please note these packages apply to all regions with the exception of Oxfordshire. For Oxfordshire memberships, please contact B4 directly.





1 x B4 Pass for access to exclusive content

per annum
Individual Membership


Connect with up to 780 B4 Members per annum through House Meet

Access to Hubs

Access to B4 Events *


1 x Company profile on website

1 x Personal profile on website

Opportunities to feature on
The Business Brunch


1 x B4 Pass for access to exclusive content

per annum
Company Membership


Connect with up to 780 B4 Members per annum through House Meet

Access to Hubs

Access to B4 Events *


1 x Company profile on website

2 x Personal profiles on website

Opportunities to feature on
The Business Brunch

Unlimited news item submissions


2 x B4 Pass for access to exclusive content

per annum
Premium Membership


Connect with up to 780 B4 Members per annum through House Meet

Access to Hubs

Access to B4 Events *


1 x Company profile on website

5 x Personal profiles on website

Opportunities to feature on
The Business Brunch

Unlimited news item submissions

1 x Article submission per month

1 x 15-minute Insights B4TV
show recorded per year


5 x B4 Pass for access to exclusive content

Nominate 1 x charity or social enterprise as part of our NEXUS programme

per annum

* possibly at additional charge

More options

B4 also offers sponsorship opportunities, and opportunities for charities and social enterprises to join B4 free of charge via the NEXUS programme.

Sponsorship opportunities

Community Sponsor

Premium Membership in same area

20 x Additional personal profiles on website

1 x Additional 15-minute Insights B4TV
show recorded per year

1 x Additional NEXUS sponsorship opportunity

£5,000 +VAT
per annum
National Sponsor

Contact B4 for more information

Contact B4 for
more information

Other opportunities


NEXUS gives charities, social enterprises and other not for profit organisations access to B4 Membership. Click below for more information.

Media pack

For precise facts and figures about B4, as well as additional exposure members & non-members can purchase, please read our media pack.