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b4 is more than networking

What does B4 mean to you?

We’ve often wondered what makes B4 stand out from the crowd, and after many years we feel we might finally have the answer: B4 is more than networking.

B4 is not just a networking group. We don’t ask you to stand up in front of 50 people and pitch yourself for 20 seconds, instead we work to develop business relationships that will last a lifetime and bring you success and peace of mind for many years to come.

Through our wide variety of events, from casual mingling in beautiful venues, to sit-down dinners in prestigious establishments where you can forge excellent relationships with some great characters in the B4 community, B4 has it all.

But that’s just the thing. We do have it all. We’re not just about events

We’re a high quality magazine, where your business is promoted and your knowledge and news is shared with other local businesses and the wider public.

We’re a wide-reaching social media platform, where we celebrate our members, their successes, and the human side of business.

We’re video producers and photographers, interviewing members from our growing community, creating inspiring and informative promotional videos, and shining a light on the personalities in our community through high quality photos.

We’re digital, we know that technology is the future and we are putting all of our efforts into improving our current website to bring you real-time interaction with the wider B4 community. The B4 website enables you to promote your business to the B4 community and beyond with fantastic additional functionality coming soon.

But most importantly, underlying all that we do, are our values.

B4 is for business people who understand that success is achieved by nurturing long-lasting and trusted relationships. The B4 community encourages collaboration, reciprocation and a focus on the importance of integrity and honesty. We are proud of our B4 members, and they should be proud to be known as such.

And so, once again, B4 is more than networking: B4 is a thriving and connected business community where like-minded companies and individuals collaborate, learn, share and grow together.