What is B4?

What do we do?

We provide fantastic platforms for the members of our business community to connect with each other and grow their profile.

How do we do it?

We connect members that share our beliefs at inspirational face to face events and through digital introductions. We help to raise their profile through our content rich website, high quality digital magazine, superbly produced webinars & videos and our growing social media presence.

Why do we do it?

Time is precious and there are never enough hours to focus on growing our businesses. So, B4 has created a community of businesses and people that just want to do a good job, not waste your time or make decisions you’ll live to regret.


  • 68% business owners and senior management
  • 46.1 / 53.9% female / male
  • 64.56% aged 25-55
  • £32,000 average earnings


  • 85,738 monthly pageviews
  • 4,633 monthly unique visitors
  • 37.5% / 42.3% organic / direct traffic
  • 359 average news item views
  • 468 average article views


  • 8,125 newsletter subscribers
  • 12.8% open rate
  • 11.1% click-through rate
  • 27,360 Twitter followers
  • 7,759 Linkedin followers

Classic Membership

The lifeblood of business is connections and that’s the fundamental role of B4… to build bridges between businesses. But connections aren’t just made through events – both face to face and virtual in today’s changing world – they are also made by telling stories, sharing expertise and providing information that can help your business be seen by others, but also help other businesses learn, overcome challenges and grow.

For over 15 years B4 has helped hundreds of our members to connect at high quality events and secure excellent profile through a range of digital platforms. We invite you to join our growing community of members to help your business connect, raise its profile and work with B4 members who can help to make business more accessible, easier and fun. What helps us do that is that all of our members agree to our 5 Point B4 Code (see below) which helps to make sure we’re all on the same page.

For charities, social enterprises and other not for profit organisations, select our NEXUS rate to enjoy the same benefits as our Members.

Membership Rate: £1,495+VAT

Includes seats for 2 named individuals
Additional seats available at £75+VAT per seat

Classic Membership Benefits


Register for B4 Classic Events at stunning venues & meet B4 members whilst enjoying tours, speeches, fine wine & canapés. B4 Breakfasts and Lunches are held in superb venues, restaurants and Oxford colleges.

Separate fees apply for Breakfasts and Lunches.


Each B4 Member is assigned to a House containing B4 members from other sectors & areas. Each seat holder will receive a digital introduction to a different House every week so they can build their networks and make great connections in their own time.


Hubs are themed groups that meet to discuss specific subjects including Workplace Wellbeing, Sustainability, the Visitor Economy, Responsible Business and more. Run by Members for the Members, Hubs can be quarterly virtual meetings or live get togethers, it’s up to those involved. Members can join Hubs that interest them and if you’d like to lead a Hub, please do get in touch to find out what’s involved.


Not only do we follow our members on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram) but we also provide them with the opportunity to post unlimited news to the B4 website which we in turn share through B4’s social media channels. Members can also take space in B4’s new digital magazine… why not feature on the cover?


Up your digital content game with a promotional video recording in the B4 studio or perhaps a webinar discussion converted to video for you to share on your platforms. B4 can help members radically improve the quality of their digital output with the added benefit of being able to amplify this content through B4’s digital channels.


Members receive a company profile & individual profiles for seat holders so they can build a library of content for other members and the wider business community to see. All Members also receive invaluable backlinks to their website and with the B4 website pulling in over 5,000 page views a day, that’s a valuable benefit in itself. Members also receive a weekly Members’ Newsletter keeping them updated on community news.

Club Platinum Membership

Over 15 years, many of our members have benefited from an invisible ‘inside track’ of benefits and services. Some have asked for introductions to other members, others have benefited from ad hoc special rates for services and many have asked us to do a ‘quick’ post on our social platforms to help them promote some news, an event or a special offer.

Club Platinum provides these benefits and more to help you get the very best out of B4 to help make your business life a little bit easier. Think of Club Platinum as an extension of your team, a pair of eyes and ears that can help you navigate the often (especially since COVID) stormy waters of business and benefit from over 15 years of experience that we have accumulated since B4 was launched in 2006.

We’ve invited an initial group of over 100 B4 Members into Club Platinum who can also introduce their trusted contacts to join them, in fact… it’s the only way in! There is no cost for Club Platinum membership – B4 members are invited to join at B4’s discretion. The number of invitations per organisation varies but, if you would like additional memberships, these are available as per the ‘Recommend Others’ section next.

Joining Criteria:

B4 invite B4 Members to join Club Platinum at their discretion but, essentially, we invite Members that have clearly demonstrated their support for B4 over a sustained period and it’s therefore one way we can say thank you for that support.

Recommend Others:

Club Platinum members can recommend colleagues to join but an additional charge of £1,495+VAT will be made for colleagues. When recommending an individual outside of B4, a charge of £1,990+VAT will be made for their company to join
B4 as a Classic Member and one individual to join Club Platinum.

Club Platinum Benefits

In addition to all Classic Membership Benefits listed above.

Benefits for the primary seatholder only:


Priority access and discounted rates to B4 Events. Exclusive access to B4 Club Platinum Dinners.

Also receive invites from other B4 members to their events.


We can introduce you to anyone else in Club Platinum and introduce you to other Club Platinum members looking for your services or products. We can also help you to find another Member who can help you solve a particular problem or challenge you are having in your business.


Offer* and receive regular offers from other Club Platinum Members via regular Club Platinum communications.

*This is a benefit for your whole company and any offer made to other Club Platinum Members will also be a company-wide offer.


Free access to the B4 Meeting Room for a change of location, a meeting or even your own webinar. We’re also growing the number of B4 working spaces in the B4 community to offer you some great venues at preferential rates


Entry to Club Platinum is only through existing Club Platinum Members so they can help us to maintain the quality and integrity of our community.


Each Club Platinum Member can invite one up and coming business to join B4 as a Classic Member at no additional charge.


Regular opportunities for Club Platinum Members to share their challenges and opportunities with other members online.


Receive the Club Platinum Member Newsletter including offers, events and advanced notice about who will be joining Club Platinum discussions PLUS prompts to get in touch with other Members.

Benefits for all other seatholders:


Priority booking access and discounted rates to feature in B4 Magazine.


We upload and promote your news, events and offers through the B4 website and social media channels.


Priority booking opportunities to book promotional studio videos, branded webinars and photoshoots at discounted rates.


Send B4 your testimonials / recommendations for any other B4 Members and we’ll post on the B4 website and through our social media channels.

The 5 Point B4 Code

All B4 Members have signed our 5 Point B4 Code and agree as follows that they…

1) Understand that sharing, collaborating and supporting each other will always outweigh the hard sell.

2) Make contact with each other in a courteous manner, never spam & are encouraged to respond politely, even if it’s to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’.

3) Can upload as much content as they want to the B4 site but understand not to exploit this opportunity.

4) Can reinforce the integrity of the B4 community by introducing new members that they themselves know and trust.

5) Recognise that B4 has built a community over 15 years and that upholding the B4 Code is fundamental if B4 is to continue to function effectively for its members.

Goodwill Days

Goodwill Days provide our members with the chance to visit the B4 Studios for the following opportunities, with the compliments of the B4 team:


It’s nice to say ‘well done’ or ‘thank you’ for a job well done so use this opportunity to thank another B4 member for something special they’ve done to help you.

OPEN TO: All B4 Members


An opportunity for 4 students to learn the fundamentals of speaking in front of a camera in the presence of the experienced B4 crew who will provide excellent advice to ensure you leave the B4 studio with more confidence and less nerves!

OPEN TO: Students only (where necessary accompanied by an adult representative)


Benefit from the expertise of the B4 crew and record a 30 second promotional video to use in your marketing and promotional activity.

OPEN TO: NEXUS members only

Want to find out more?

There are a number of ways you can learn more about what B4 has to offer.


Or go ahead and sign up now!

Classic Membership

£1,495+VAT for a 12 month package

2 x Seatholders
1 x Company profile with backlink
2 x Individual profiles (for seatholders)
Unlimited news uploads to the B4 website
Discount on B4 Magazine exposure
Discount on Video & Photography services

Free attendance to all B4 Classic Events
Attendance to all B4 Breakfasts & Lunches at extra charge
Weekly digital introductions

Weekly Members newsletter
Access to Hubs
Download professional photos on B4 Flickr

NEXUS Rate: £295+VAT

Please note you must provide proof of charity / social enterprise / not-for-profit status

Club Platinum Membership

Invited at B4’s discretion, or
£1,990+VAT for a 12 month package

1 x Club Platinum Seatholder
2 x Classic Membership Seatholders
1 x Company profile with backlink
3 x Individual profiles (for seatholders)
Unlimited news uploads to the B4 website
B4 will post your news on the B4 website for you
Discount and priority booking on B4 Magazine exposure
Discount and priority booking on Video & Photography services

Free attendance and priority access to all B4 Classic Events
Attendance and priority access to B4 Breakfasts & Lunches at extra charge
Invitations to Club Platinum Events
Regular “A Problem Shared” Club Platinum webinars
Invitation to Club Platinum Linkedin group
Personal introductions to / from other Club Platinum Members
Recommend your connections to Club Platinum
Introduce one business to receive a free B4 Membership

Exclusive offers from other Club Platinum Members
Share your own offers with other Club Platinum Members

Regular Club Platinum updates
Free use of the B4 Meeting Room
Access to other B4 Venues as the network grows