Darren Aston

Managing Director
I joined Aston & James in 1997 to work with my older brother Alan at that time I was his young apprentice, I learnt quickly under his guidance and gained a lot of experience working for a small family business – fast track to 2012 I bought the business from my brother to become the owner of business that employs 17 people, 5 of which are siblings we changed the strapline in 2015 from office supplies to Everything for the Workplace. We embrace the challenges of being continually relevant, the recent challenges of lockdown have meant a very quick shift to working on Covid infection control products, PPE and assisting customers with their Workspace at home – reassessing kit and ergonomics. We are not going back to what we know we are looking beyond lockdown and positioning ourselves to best serve our audience wherever they choose to work – in The Workplace – In The Warehouse – In The home and on the go. We will never remain “Stationary”...

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