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What is ‘Your Introduction to the World of Business’?

With so many disruptions over the last year and a reduction in the physical work experience opportunities available to students, B4 has been working with members in the B4 community to come up with a regular chance for students to find out more about the possibilities open to them in the world of business.

Having run a successful pilot show in conjunction with Lindsay Powell, Careers Advisor at Europa School, where over 50 students heard from local employers Unipart, Jennings and Blenheim Palace, a regular series of shows is launching in May. The shows will also give students an idea of the soft and practical skills that they will need to be aware of as they enter their careers. This is also an opportunity for businesses to showcase themselves to their future employees and excite them about the wide range of roles they could enjoy on their doorstep.

Lindsay commented. “This is a fantastic opportunity for students to understand the different business opportunities in Oxfordshire. Exploring careers and understanding employability skills helps to raise aspirations, improve motivation and build confidence.”

Each show will see a local business invited to provide an insight into what they do, what they look for in employees and what skills are required. They’ll also talk about apprenticeships and other work experience opportunities.

A representative from the  business community will also explain the importance of soft skills such as taking initiative, communication skills, leadership, motivation, time management, the ability to work under pressure and taking responsibility.

Our final guest will help with practical advice such as interview technique, CV writing and which qualifications are needed for certain jobs.

There will be ample opportunities for questions and each session will be recorded, so catch up for sessions missed won’t be a problem.

As we come out of lockdown, B4 will be looking to gain access into businesses to secure footage to share during these shows to provide more insight into what businesses do and the environments in which they operate.

It’s been great working with Lindsay and the students at Europa School to test our plans out and there is clearly significant appetite amongst the students to find out more about what opportunities lay ahead of them in terms of careers. An essential part of the series of shows is magnifying the importance of often overlooked soft skills. We’re looking forward to connecting future employees with future employers and can’t wait to get started”.

– Richard Rosser, CEO, B4



The shows have been set up to help educational establishments meet Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 3, 5 and 6. B4 will provide Careers Leaders with a list of their students who attend from their school.


We will at all times be aiming to ensure the complete anonymity of students from the registration process through to the recording of the show and the recording of the show available on catch up in a number of ways – these safeguards will be outlined to educational establishments wishing to engage their students on application – see below.

Participating Establishments (more to follow)

Europa School

King Alfred’s Academy

Matthew Arnold School

Next steps

If you are a business or a school looking to engage, please contact either Richard or Lindsay below if you have any queries:

Richard Rosser, CEO, B4

Lindsay Powell, Careers Leader, Europa School

Establishments wishing to support this initiative

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Businesses wishing to support this initiative

Please e-mail Richard or Lindsay outlining your interest in this initiative.

Richard Rosser, CEO, B4

Lindsay Powell, Careers Leader, Europa School

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