House Meet


Over the past 12 months B4 has successfully pivoted to a digital offering. But, if B4 is to be a true community and replicate the traditional real-world model of face to face events, we need to create an environment in which there is a real sense of conversations and connections, and facilitate business between our members.

Over the past 15 years we’ve hosted over 1,000 live events and with, on average, 100 members at each event all having approximately 3 conversations, we reckon B4 has initiated at least 300,000 conversations.

  • Make Connections
  • Start business relationships
  • Build trust
  • & do business with each other

House Meet provides B4 Members with the structure to make those all important connections and start even more conversations.

See our Explainer Video here to find out more.


1. Complete your profile

Members should complete their personal profiles on the B4 website.

2. Friday introductions

Look out for the introductions email every Friday afternoon, which connects you with up to 15 other members.

3. Make connections

Reach out to members to start making connections and arranging one-to-one meetings.

4. House Meet Live

Optionally, come to House Meet Live each month to network with other members.


House Meet is open to all B4 Members who have a personal profile on the B4 website. If you need to complete your profile, click the link below and we’ll get your profile live. If you’re not sure of your status, please contact B4 here. If you need to reset your password, please click here.


Join one of our B4 Houses hosted by an established B4 Member

  • Join one of our B4 Houses hosted by an established B4 Member
  • Receive up to 15 warm introductions every week
  • Connect with members in your own time and on your own platforms
  • Join House Meet Live each month where you can enjoy private meetings in breakout rooms


House Meet Live is a relaxed opportunity for members to come and go as they wish, network and hear from other members and invited guests. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to ask questions and for members to arrange 1:1 discussions in our breakout rooms.

Upcoming House Meet Live events