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Are you an expert in your field looking to gain recognition beyond your current customers?

Do you lack the time and resources to invest in generating content?

Do you need a support network to help you grow your business?

Let B4 provide the tools to help you shine

We start with your expertise and knowledge and create high quality content and exposure…


Let B4 share your expertise with the world via high quality, professionally designed articles.

Write alone or collaborate with other B4 members to boost your credibility even further. B4 creates interesting layouts, high quality graphics, and spell-checks/proofreads your article for you before sharing it with the B4 community and further afield.


News items are a great way to get your company announcements and news seen by the B4 community and further afield.

The B4 website sees over 12,000 hits each month (for Oxfordshire alone) and uploading a news item is as simple as can be. Just log in to the B4 website and click Create Press Release, write your content and upload a photo. And that’s it! Your news item is created as a sleek and professional post on the B4 website for all to see.

  B4TV Live

We’ve delivered over 250 webinars in the space of 8 months, so we are confident we know what’s required to make a live show really shine.

B4TV stands out from the crowd by managing the entire process. You will have the full B4 team behind the scenes ensuring everything runs smoothly – managing the show from start to finish, including audience interaction. We have learnt that being topical and regular is what truly makes or breaks a show.

  B4TV On-demand

Let B4 add that extra degree of polish to your content with a professional video. Once you’ve featured on B4TV you just leave the rest to us.

B4TV shows are edited and converted to high quality videos and shared with the community, creating an on-demand version of your programme to gain further traction and views even after the original air date has passed.


Podcasts are growing in popularity and B4 will give your content yet another avenue to reach audiences with this format. Once you’ve featured on B4TV, as for videos, you just leave the rest to us.

Not every B4TV show will be appropriate for a podcast, such as those which rely heavily on visuals / powerpoints, but in most cases we are able to create a professional podcast for you without you needing to lift a finger.

B4 does the hard work so you just need to focus on being the expert.

B4 content is also available on the following platforms:

“B4 has proven to be an invaluable partner to the Ashmolean and the wider university, business & not-for-profit community in Oxfordshire. Well done B4 for insights, connections, informed editorial, events and diversity…”

– Wendy Ball, Head of Events, Catering & Corporate Relations, Ashmolean Museum

A community with values…

Whilst B4 provides the platforms for increased visibility and connection, B4 has three strong heartbeats:

Shared values

B4 members all understand that trust, respect and reciprocation of business are vital aspects of the community.

B4 members also recognise that they have a part to play in nurturing the wider business community, working with local suppliers where possible, stimulating the economy around them to ensure that everyone prospers.


The NEXUS programme enables B4 members to engage local charities, social enterprises, co-ops, fair trade organisations and start-ups who benefit from B4 membership without having to invest financially. Not only do B4 NEXUS members benefit from the B4 community, the B4 community also benefits from the B4 NEXUS members and their expertise.

As a result of the challenges posed since March 2020, we have expanded the B4 NEXUS programme to extend this supportive relationship to any business which clearly demonstrates it would benefit, subject to certain key criteria.

Why your business matters

Workplace wellbeing, community building, EDI (equality, diversity & inclusion), sustainability and responsible business are all terms familiar to businesses striving to make a difference in business, not just make a profit. So B4 profiles the exemplars that all businesses, not just B4 members, can all learn from. Reputation, legacy and purpose are vital for any business which wants to survive, especially in the world we now live in. B4 will shine a light on the good, challenge the bad and transform the ugly.

“We’re proud to be part of such a warm and inviting community. B4 is integral to Blenheim and we look forward to seeing B4 flourish beyond Oxfordshire.”

– Dominic Hare, CEO, Blenheim Palace

10 reasons to join B4…

In at the start

B4 launched on the rooftop of Malmaison in the heart of Oxford 14 years ago, but our digital future and plans for national expansion are new and exciting for us too. Join us as we take the next steps in this journey.


B4 members understand the value of building long term, trusted relationships and the benefits of collaboration and sharing, but they also understand their purpose in supporting their local communities. That’s why we focus on Culture Building in B4 to help members become better businesses for themselves and the wider business community.

Cream of the crop

Limiting all new B4 communities to just 100 members in each area means we can focus on the organisations that are recommended by our existing members, highlighting them as experts in their field.


Feature on our new TV platform launching in June 2021 with daily broadcasts featuring experts from across the national B4 community.

B4 Tour ’21

We’re launching 20 new B4 communities in 20 days during May and June – it’s going to be fun! We hope we’ll be able to meet lots of our new members and broadcast from a range of member and familiar locations.


With over 1,000 website hits per day and over 25,000 connections on social media, imagine the potential of up to 50 B4 communities!


Our NEXUS programme gives you the opportunity to provide B4 benefits to a local charity, social enterprise, co-op, fair trade organisation, start-up or other deserving business.

Great names

With long-standing members ranging from Blenheim Palace to Grant Thornton, Freeths to Unipart and Owen Mumford to local councils, we’re backed by some of the most trusted organisations in Oxfordshire.


We know how to make connections, how to build an audience, how to connect our members and how to give them profile. With great looking designs and expertise, we like to think we’re good at what we do.

We take the strain

We do the hard work so you can focus on delivering your expert opinion, whether that’s in a webinar, a podcast or an article that you’ve co-created with other B4 members. You leave the hard work to us whilst we let your expertise shine.

“B4 have been a huge support for Oxford Business Park with editorial, video and engagement with the wider business community in Oxfordshire. We’re excited to be partnering with B4 as they grow to new territories so that our other locations can enjoy the benefits of the growing B4 community.”

– Dan Williams, Development Director, Oxford Business Park

Facts & figures…

Since March 2020 B4 has pivoted to deliver digital content and we have seen our engagement levels soar. Given the following stats are just for Oxfordshire, imagine what we could achieve nationally…

Our organic impressions on the B4 LinkedIn account have increased to over 30,000 per month.

We have hosted over 200 live webinars in less than a year.

Total connections on social media now in excess of 25,000.

Web traffic has doubled to over 1,000 page views on the B4 website every day.

The number of employees in the B4 community now exceeds 27,000.

There are over 500 B4 member articles on the website and over 800 news items.

Jonna Mundy, You HR

“B4 really is the best networking group in the county! Having tried a fair few now, I’m speaking from experience – it’s not about the ‘hard sale’ and simply handing out business cards, it’s about learning, sharing and building quality relationships.”

– Jonna Mundy, CEO, You HR Consultancy

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