In conversation With Stephen Cook, V. Purposeful Strategy

Purpose, vision and even strategy have become dirty words over the years. Why is this?

Why is it important to reinstate these core principles as the central informers for everything an organisation is, does and wants to be?

How do you make these ‘fluffy’ things so real and robust that they can fully define and lead future directions of travel and deliver real value?

In a 34 year career, Steve Cook has used ‘dirty words’ and ‘fluffy ideas’ to lead fundamental business strategic change programmes. He will share some of his experiences, debunk some of the myths and discuss why change programmes so often fail.


• Why purpose, vision, future conduct and strategy are so important.
• What makes these robust rather than fluffy.
• How to define and deploy them well to ensure real value and action for future benefit.
• Suitable for: Business/organisation leaders and influencers who are having to make strategic decisions and choices.

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