How not to sell during the Coronavirus Epidemic with James White

Join James White as he takes a look a how NOT to sell during the Coronavirus epidemic.

About James: James White is a Sales Trainer and Mentor and is the UK’s leading prospect conversion expert. James is the founder of James White Sales Success and also has equity investments in several other businesses. James Co-Authored the Amazon #1 selling book called The Sales Genius and he is the Sales Mentor for Shifts to Success, South West Business Expo and a number of other groups.

Through 20 years of sales successes and mistakes, James has developed a clear understanding of what makes people buy products and services and the right and wrong way to approach selling. He has taken this knowledge and created a 12 step ‘Sales is Like Dating’ model which is loved by business owners and sales professionals all over the world.

James is also a Speaker and regularly delivers curated sales content to business events or as part of his training programs. James also has reached thousands of people, delivering his insights and unique methodology this his YouTube Channel; James White Sales.

James has helped over 70 businesses in the last 12 months alone and works directly with a range of clients to help them build their sales structures, skills and knowledge to grow and scale their businesses. With sales experience in both the corporate and micro business environments as well as selling in business and consumer environments, James has all the knowledge and insight to help business owners who feel they are doing well but could be doing even better!

Learning what to do and what NOT TO DO in relation to Sales is going to be critical as we all go through the challenges that the Covid-19 epidemic brings. James can guide you on how to approach selling in these challenging times and on what actions to take to ensure you prosper and thrive now, and in a Post Coronavirus world!

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