B4 One: The Sceptic’s Guide to Creating a Mindful Workplace with Kate Reid of B3 Potential

Mindfulness is often touted as a panacea to Mental health issues in the workplace, but is it really the most appropriate method of boosting mental fitness?

Kate dissects the facts and the “spin” about mindfulness in the workplace, discusses where and how it’s being used and explores the questions being raised in the corporate world about its value.

Even if you hate the word “Mindfulness” ( and many do), you’ll still learn some tools and techniques you can introduce to your workplace without ever having to say OMMM.

Kate is a Leadership Development Specialist, Executive and Team Coach, and part of an advisory group to the Mindful Workplace Community.

About our company:
B3 Potential brings a practical, science-based approach to professional development and learning through coaching, workshops, assessments and programmes. Our understanding of the deep connections between brain, body and behaviour – the B3 connection– enables us to fast track behavioural, leadership and organisational change that sticks.
Harnessing the latest research in neuroscience, biology, mindfulness, psychology, and workplace theory, we uncover the B3 connections that any individual or organisation needs to master in order to attain their goals without sacrificing their humanity.

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