Terms & Conditions


  1. “You/Your” means you, the user of this website or the company you represent.
  2. “User Information” is that information which you submit on joining the site and throughout your membership.
  3. “We”, or “us”, or “the company” or “our” refers to The B4 Network, or Designs On Ltd (our registered company).

Terms & Conditions

Regarding the B4 website

  1. Any information, images, graphics, slogans, statistics or links posted on the site by your site administrator reflect the opinion of your company and the responsibility for posting rests with your site administrator. If such content is deemed to reflect badly on the site or a fellow member, it will be deemed to be in contravention of these Terms & Conditions and could result in your company being de-listed.
  2. It is not possible for us to vet all content being posted on the site and as such the responsibility for information posted on your pages which could appear in other areas of the site rests completely with you and your company administrator.
  3. If we receive a complaint from a fellow B4 Member or Ambassador concerning the content of a posting, upon further investigation we are within our rights to de-list the offending company or remove the offending content without consultation.
  4. Any company found to be using the site as a blatant list to promote its products or services, or to canvass individuals mentioned on the site through cold calls or cold e-mails, will not only place their membership at risk, but, for non member companies, your business will be placed on a black list. The black list will list companies found guilty of blatantly targeting B4 Members and Ambassadors for business, other than through the accepted mediums for such activity – for example, a Member’s own page used to promote offers which other B4 Members can take advantage of by their own choice.
  5. Any Member found guilty of posting the following entries or content places their memberships in jeopardy:
    1. Posting material which is obscene, adult in nature, pornographic or potentially violence stimulating
    2. Posting defamatory information about an individual, business or group which has or could cause offence
    3. Posting any entries, images, statistics or claims which contain threats or vulgarity, whether implied or directly stated
    4. Making nuisance postings which affect the normal working of the site – for example, posting press releases containing the same, blatant promotion of their business which appears every day / on a frequent basis
    5. Posting information without the permission of the relevant person in their business which then gives cause for the member business to question the access responsibilities of their site administrator internally
    6. Infringing copyright
    7. Persistent messages sent to other Members after having been asked to desist from such actions
    8. Hacking the site to retrieve sensitive and private information from other Members
  6. We cannot accept liability for any information contained on the website posted by a Member. We cannot be liable for any damages which arise as a result of content posted by you or your site administrator.

Regarding B4 Magazine

  1. We reserve the right to publish at any time at our discretion.
  2. We reserve the right to determine the format of the publication. This includes setting articles, listings and news items as we see fit as per the house style for each publication. We will not contravene this house style under any circumstances.
  3. If you do not supply us with the content required for your presence in the publication as detailed on your order confirmation within 10 days of the deadlines given, we will be authorised to place your advertisement stipulating basic company details, without liability to us.
  4. Telephone and fax corrections for copy or artwork will not be accepted.
  5. If we have set artwork for you and you wish to use this advertisement for further promotions in products or publications not owned by us, you must seek our permission to do so. A fee is charged to you for permission to reproduce advertisements originally produced by us. Details of charges are available on request. If advertisements produced by us are reproduced without consent, we will be within our rights to seek compensation for doing so.
  6. We shall submit a colour proof on receipt of copy and must receive notification of any changes within three days of receipt.
  7. You must follow these guidelines when submitting logos, photos, or artwork for publication:
    1. All artwork must be supplied in CMYK not RGB or Pantone colour. If you have specific Pantone numbers we will match to the nearest CMYK colour.
    2. Please supply all photos and images in 300dpi Jpeg or Tiff format. Images will be converted to CMYK if not already in this format. This can cause changes in colour, so please be aware of this when sending. In all cases if artwork includes pictures, please provide them with the artwork unless already embedded.
    3. Fonts in artwork must be supplied separately unless converted to line art.
    4. Copy, logos, photos and artwork must be sent via e-mail to either artwork@b4-business.com or assistanteditor@b4-business.com. Do not e-mail files larger than 5mb as these may not arrive. If you are sending large files please use a free file sharing facility, e.g. www.wetransfer.com.