Terms & Conditions

The B4 community should be a safe space for our Members (both organisations and individuals) to work together. Creating positive and inclusive platforms so that our Members can build long-term, trusted relationships is our overriding priority, so our Terms & Conditions set out what we do and don’t allow – both at our live events and on-line. These Terms & Conditions sit alongside our Community Guidelines and The Spirit of B4. These Terms & Conditions set out your obligations to us and our obligations to you, with regards to being a B4 Member. We’re committed to these Terms & Conditions and we hope you are too. Breaching the Terms & Conditions may result in the suspension or termination of your membership, your account being disabled, or other restrictions.

If you have any concerns as a Member of B4, these must be reported to us immediately and we will act in the fairest way possible. Please send your concerns to our Chief Executive, Richard Rosser, at richard@b4-business.com and he will personally investigate your concern and report back to you on his findings.


  1. “You/Your or Member/Members” means you (or any of your colleagues) or the company you represent, that takes part in the activities of B4 including use of this website.
  2. “User Information” is that information which you submit on joining B4 and throughout your time as a B4 Member
  3. “We”, or “us”, or “the company” or “our” or “B4” refers to B4 National Ltd (our registered company)
  4. “Company Membership” is the B4 Membership belonging to the Organisation which is approved to join B4.
  5. “Individual Membership” is the B4 Membership belonging to an Individual in that Organisation who can also be referred to as a “Seatholder” or “Seat”.
  6. “Site Administrator” is the person or persons tasked with uploading content to the B4 website.

B4 Members

  1. Members agree to never mass-email the B4 Member Community database or ask B4 to mass-email on their behalf.
  2. Members agree not to “spam” other members with emails, calls, or messages on social media. “Spamming” is defined as unsolicited messages sent in bulk.
  3. Members are expected to respond promptly to emails and requests for meetings from other Members, even if to decline the request.
  4. Members may report other Members for misconduct and harassment. B4 will investigate all reports it receives as fairly as possible.
  5. Members agree to never speak “on behalf of the B4 Community” without prior written consent from B4.
  6. Members agree not to flood the B4 website with promotional materials. “Flooding” is defined as posting more than 1 post per day.
  7. Members agree to not excessively promote themselves and their services during B4 on or offline events unless given explicit permission by B4.
  8. Members agree to be kind and courteous at all times. Defamation, insulting words towards other individuals or organisations, negative (or implied negative) comments or inappropriate behaviour either online or in person will not be tolerated within the B4 Community and will result in a strike against your membership (see point 10).
  9. Members agree not to share the directory of member information with anyone outside of the B4 member community or use this information in any way other than to contact other members for collaboration purposes.
  10. Members found to be in violation of the Community Guidelines may have their membership privileges rescinded (certainly for the individual in question and potentially for the Member organisation as a whole) – B4 will offer three “strikes” for each Member, with the third strike resulting in cancellation of member privileges. If the conduct is considered by B4 to merit instant removal of the offending Member (organisation or individual) then it will be within its rights to do so.
  11. Members who have had their privileges rescinded will still be required to fulfil the payment obligations of their current membership period and / or will not be entitled to a refund for that period of the Membership that they are unable to benefit from. They will also be refused entry to any future B4 on or off line events they have signed up to.

About Your Membership

  1. Your membership cannot be cancelled before your contracted period has ended. This includes monthly payment plans.
  2. If your account is in arrears by more than 2 months we reserve the right to cancel your membership.
  3. If your membership is cancelled at any time for any reason, all profile / content allocation to you on the B4 website will be removed and will be unrecoverable.
  4. As membership availability is restricted per region, we cannot guarantee the success of your application.
  5. We will only commence the member onboarding process once we have received your signed contract. Payment is required within 14 days of your Membership being approved.
  6. Seats available as per your initial Membership have the same expiry date as your core Membership.
  7. Individual Memberships have the same expiry date as the Company Membership.
  8. If an additional Seat is purchased for an Individual in your organisation their Membership will have the same expiry date as the Company Membership. Any costs of additional seats are charged at a pro-rata rate in line with the expiry of the Company Membership.
  9. Individual Members can only go to B4 Events or join B4 Ecosystem discussions if they have completed their website profiles.
  10. Member organisations cannot ‘sub’ Individual Members for B4 Events or B4 Ecosystem discussions under any circumstances.
  11. Seats cannot be allocated to other colleagues at any time during the period of membership unless with the permission of B4 it is deemed a re-assignment of the seat is fair and reasonable.
  12. Content posted by a seat holder who leaves the organisation will be re-assigned to another Member of the organisation and will not be deleted unless it is the opinion of B4 that it is fair and reasonable to do so.
  13. Guests are not able to attend B4 Events or B4 Ecosystem discussions unless with the permission of B4.
  14. Personal introductions are only made for Members with completed profiles and are at the discretion of B4.
  15. All fields of Company and Individual Membership profiles will require completion to gain full access to Membership Directory. From time to time, B4 will be introducing new functionality to the website which will require further information to be input by Members. Whilst it might not be mandatory for the company or individual to complete all fields, failure to do so might restrict the company or individual’s ability to benefit fully from the website’s enhanced functionality. The reason for this is that we are trying to ensure that all Members do their best to make sure that the site is as useful as possible to all Members as they source contacts to help them as Members as per the Spirit of B4.

Using the B4 website

  1. Any information, images, graphics, slogans, statistics or links posted on the site by your Site Administrator reflect the opinion of your company and the responsibility for posting rests with your Site Administrator. If such content is deemed to reflect badly on the site or a fellow member, it will be deemed to be in contravention of these Terms & Conditions and could result in your company being de-listed.
  2. It is not possible for us to vet all content being posted on the site and as such the responsibility for information posted on your pages which could appear in other areas of the site rests completely with you and your Site Administrator.
  3. If we receive a complaint from a fellow B4 Member concerning the content of a posting, upon further investigation we are within our rights to remove the offending content without consultation and if necessary issue a ‘strike’ or ultimately de-list the offending company.
  4. B4 reserves the right to remove content which does not meet the high quality standards of the B4 brand.
  5. Any Member found guilty of posting the following entries or content places their membership in jeopardy:
    1. Posting material which is obscene, adult in nature, pornographic or potentially violence stimulating.
    2. Posting defamatory information about an individual, business or group which has or could cause offence.
    3. Posting any entries, images, statistics or claims which contain threats or vulgarity, whether implied or directly stated.
    4. Making nuisance postings which affect the normal working of the site – for example, posting press releases containing the same, blatant promotion of their business which appears every day / on a frequent basis.
    5. Posting information without the permission of the relevant person in their business which then gives cause for the member business to question the access responsibilities of their site administrator internally.
    6. Infringing copyright.
    7. Persistent messages sent to other Members after having been asked to desist from such actions.
    8. Hacking the site to retrieve sensitive and private information from other Members.
  6. We cannot accept liability for any information contained on the website posted by a Member. We cannot be liable for any damages which arise as a result of content posted by you or your Site Administrator.

Renewing Your Membership

  1. You will be given plenty of notice that your contract is due for renewal.
  2. A new invoice and membership agreement will be issued two months before the end of your current contract, with your new membership starting 12 months after your current contract expires. The rate of your new contract will be set at B4’s discretion.
  3. If we don’t receive a signed agreement before your current contract expires, but you decide to renew after expiry, your existing rate will default to the prevailing rate for your B4 Community at the time you renew, removing any reduced rates if they were previously applied.
  4. We will permanently remove your profile after 14 days of your contract end date and all historical content* published on the B4 website will be permanently lost. *This includes any reference to your organisation or individuals in your organisation in either your own or B4 created articles, videos and podcasts.