Toxicity | Mike Talks Business

Whilst toxicity in a business feels horrible when it happens, it can also lead to change.

Law change to give staffers ‘default right to work from home

In response to the proposed law change to make it impossible for employers to force workers back into the office, please see a follow up response comment from business and tech expert Sridhar Iyengar, MD for Zoho.

You Missed A Spot: A Fresh Take On The Cleaning Industry

Ecocleen Services is a commercial cleaning company, through this podcast we explore all matters related to our industry. Join us for a fresh take on the cleaning. Click here to listen to the podcast

Sustainability: the future of commercial cleaning

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. Whether it’s from a corporation or a customer, there has been a clear shift in attitudes towards sustainability and becoming more environmentally conscious.

The Home Office of the Future

The Home Office of the Future

On this edition of The Business Brunch, join Paul Ballinger from STL Communications, Kellie Peters from Databasix and Neill Lawson-Smith from CIS, as they discuss the pros and cons of working from home and what the expectations are from customers.

The Home Office of the Future

Many are now having to embrace working from home as part of their daily diet of work, so how can you make it better, how can you ensure you’re doing it right, how can you ensure you’ve got all the bases covered?

Employers must ‘fire up office culture’ to prevent London exodus

LONDON-based businesses may struggle to get staff back into the office, even after restrictions are lifted, as many young people plan to leave the capital or have already done so A new survey of 1022 Londoners aged 18-34 showed that 55 per cent want to leave London when restrictions ease. The survey was conducted by… Read More »

Loving Lockdown?

Loving Lockdown? The Joys of Being a Working Parent

Feeling trapped and overwhelmed with family and work life? On this edition of The Business Brunch we are joined by Jessica Mason from Chapman Robinson & Moore, Nicola Wallbank from Julian Taylor Solicitors, Howard Feather from NatWest and Katerina Kurgane, also from Chapman Robinson & Moore as they talk about the pressures of being a parent in lockdown and how they are managing to cope with work and home life.

COEL Introducing The Agile Workplace...

Introducing The Agile Workplace…

Whilst latest trends and industry buzzwords come and go, it looks as though agile working is one trend that’s definitely here to stay.