Clarke Wiseman of Studio8

A Leap of Faith needs Reliable Partners

Having wandered relatively blind into the world of webinars early in lockdown, B4 quickly got to grips with delivering regular content from members on a daily basis, culminating with BIO2020 which saw 102 live webinars delivered over three days.

B4 photography tips

How to improve your holiday snaps!

Over the last 8 years working for B4 I’ve seen plenty of our Editor Richard Rosser’s attempts at holiday photography. Richard, like a lot of us, is not bad at photography. Many of us know some basics about lining up a shot and getting a good background in here, but perhaps looking at some basic professional practices could lead to some more impressive snaps for everyone and a much lovelier way of remembering your family holidays!

A guide to resolution

A guide to resolution

OR, why we ask for a bigger picture from you! This brief guide will (hopefully) explain why we can’t use certain images for print, and what this Image Resolution thing is all about. We want you to look your best.