Office Germs Reduced by 78% in Independent Test

A trial of one of the UK’s leading brands of air sanitisation systems in an office environment, has been found to reduce harmful bacteria and airborne pathogens by 78%.

Sustainable life away from home

Today, people spend more and more of their time in environments away from home – in workplaces, hotels, schools, restaurants and airports. This means that the demand for solutions to make life away from home more sustainable increases.

You Missed A Spot: A Fresh Take On The Cleaning Industry

Ecocleen Services is a commercial cleaning company, through this podcast we explore all matters related to our industry. Join us for a fresh take on the cleaning. Click here to listen to the podcast

Sustainability: the future of commercial cleaning

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. Whether it’s from a corporation or a customer, there has been a clear shift in attitudes towards sustainability and becoming more environmentally conscious.

Could air cleaning technology be the key to schools reopening safely?

A ground-breaking range of air and surface sanitiser units has been launched by Oxford-based Airdri Group, which the company believes is crucial in the Government’s mission to return children and teachers to schools safely. Increased cleaning measures need to be incorporated into the school day to protect those who are in school, providing a further… Read More »

Three ways to reduce absences in 2021

Last year it was estimated that the amount of employees calling in sick on the first Monday of February will be approx. 350,000, thought to cost the economy around £45 million. However, this year, as we know, will not follow suit to all the rest – some believe that Covid, working from home and the… Read More »