you hr free healthcheck

Free HR Healthcheck

At You HR Consultancy we are advocates of ensuring that all businesses have the fundamental basics of HR in place.

You HR proud HR partner of B4

B4 announce You HR as their official HR Partner

B4 is delighted to announce that long standing HR provider, You HR Consultancy, have been appointed as B4’s Official HR Partner.

B4 Postive steps with jonna mundy

Positive Steps with Jonna Mundy from You HR Consultancy

1. Since lockdown I have disciplined myself and the team to do something daily that supports their wellbeing, whether exercising, healthy eating, relaxation, or reaching out to different people across their network of friends, family and acquaintances to keep connected.

Business Leader Guide and Checkpoint Plan

Business Leader Guide and Checkpoint Plan

As a longstanding and valued B4 member, You HR wanted to show their appreciation across the network by sharing their Business Leaders Guide to Coming out of Lockdown with all members.

You HR A Wellbeing Workplace

Where are you?

Embracing diversity and an ageing population in the workplace. At You HR Consultancy we work hard to practice what we teach and creating a diverse workforce is an important part of who we are.

You HR 10th Anniversary

You HR Consultancy celebrates 10th Anniversary

You HR Consultancy recently celebrated their tenth anniversary in style with an event at Sticks ‘n’ Sushi in Oxford.

Team You HR

The Team Behind You HR

This year You HR Consultancy will celebrate its 10th anniversary! Started in 2009 by Jonna Mundy, the team has grown from strength to strength and boasts a diverse community of 13 employees.

You HR Consultancy

Your Employees need You!

At You HR Consultancy we are constantly exploring innovative ways to advance our HR offering to clients but sometimes continuing to apply traditional models and methods is what we need… if it isn’t broken why try and fix it?

You HR Consultancy

How Wellbeing Centric Are You?

With the main reasons given for workplace stress including workload pressures, lack of support from managers and work related violence and bullying, the beginning of the year seems a perfect time to review employee wellbeing.

Jonna Mundy

Who’s Who: Jonna Mundy – CEO, You HR Consultancy Ltd

Meet Jonna: Growing up in London and being the youngest of 24 grandchildren, Jonna’s upbringing was 3 generations in one house, with very traditional values.

You HR Academy Launch

Celebrating the launch of you HR Academy

What is You HR Academy? October 2017 is a milestone month for the team at You HR Consultancy Ltd because we are launching our new online Academy!