Does your payroll comply with pension re-enrolment legislation?

Does your payroll comply with pension re-enrolment legislation?

Operating a payroll can be both time consuming and complicated, and the introduction of Pensions Auto-enrolment has increased the burden on employers, heightening the potential risk of penalties for non-compliance or late submissions.

How profit extraction requires careful consideration by owner shareholders of SMEs

If you are an owner / shareholder of an SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) there could be a good argument in favour of making pension contributions in addition to or instead of drawing a dividend.

Tony Hobbs, Chapman Robinson & Moore

Government Support

The rapid disruption caused by the various social distancing measures has resulted in a liquidity shock to many businesses. Therefore, we would like to circulate what we have learned about the various financing and government support options expected to be available to date.

Jonathan Walton

Whitley Stimpson expert welcomes new IR35 tax delay

A leading tax expert today welcomed the decision to delay complicated tax changes that will affect thousands of contractors in the private sector.

John Kennedy - flexible funding

The benefits and advantages of short-term funding for business

The demand for short term asset backed finance (also known as “bridging” finance) continues to increase year on year due to the ongoing lack of appetite and responsiveness from mainstream high street banks.

Is a good business good for business?

There is much talk these days about responsible business, and the need for greater corporate responsibility, perhaps more talk than action in many instances.

Ian Parker of Whitley Stimpson

Nowhere to hide: why HMRC’s Connect system means keeping your tax affairs in order is more important than ever before

Recent reports have shown that HMRC’s sophisticated automated information system, Connect, is being used increasingly frequently to identify income and gains that have not been declared for tax purposes, and the amount of information that HMRC can access to check whether an individual or business is evading tax is growing all the time.

John Skinner Whitley Stimpson

SME’s with legacy IT systems have been given a further year to comply with complex new digital tax rules

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) introduced the new Making Tax Digital (MTD) programme in April 2019.

Jennifer Ricketts-Gregory

Act now if you have not claimed your Marriage Tax Allowance, urges Whitley Stimpson

Experts at Whitley Stimpson are urging couples to act now to see if they could get a £900 tax rebate before it’s too late.

Owen Kyffin

How to make your child a pension millionaire through stakeholder pension investment

Parents and grandparents can create a substantial nest egg for their children, with minimal effort, by being clever with their tax planning. By starting a stakeholder pension fund for each of your children and paying in an amount each month, even though they are not taxpayers, there is considerable tax relief available.

Recognition counts at every level for Whitley Stimpson

Recognition counts at every level for Whitley Stimpson

Winning awards can often mean just another trophy in the cabinet to say that you have worked hard and have efficient staff doing a good job. In the world of accountancy though, award schemes are far more complicated and essential for gauging performance on so many different levels.

Stuart Crook

Growing a Business: Raising Finance

Wellers has helped countless entrepreneurs build and sell their businesses from its offices in Oxford, Banbury, Thame, and London. Here, Stuart Crook shares some advice on what companies need to know about raising finance.